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Got ahold of 80mg oxy and 60mg morphine. dosage information?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ScienceWins, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I've been high on opiates before. 30mgs of Percocet several times in the past, and loved it. Extremely enjoyable. Also used tramadol before, and had good times. Done codeine once or twice, and its pretty mediocre by comparison.

    I would really love to experience nodding, but I'm not sure what the appropriate dose is to get the nod.

    I recently got ahold of an 80mg Oxycontin pill, and a 60mg morphine pill.

    I also have three 375mg tablets of Soma, which I hear works really well with opiates. The final pill I got ahold of is 10mg of Flexeril, which I've know very little about, but assume is similar to Soma.

    A relative of mine keeps copious amounts of Benadryl in the house for allergies, I have also heard these work quite well with opiates.

    As somebody with no tolerance who is relatively new to opiates, what dose would you recommend of both of these opiates, and should they be used in conjunction with Soma / Benadryl / Flexeril?

    I'm not interested in snorting anything, as I like the longer duration of oral ingestion.

    Basically, just post what you would do with these pills at your disposal, and why.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Well I am about as experienced with opiates as you are, so as far as exact dosages you'll just have to wait for one of the more experienced guys here. But I can tell ya both OC and morphine are much stronger than percs/tabs, so I'd start pretty damn low and dose up. Also you've got some of the best of the best there so I really don't see any reason why you would need or want to mix it with anything, they'll get you high enough.

    And the flexeril is a waste of time completely. From all accounts it'll mostly just make you drowsy, not a lot of recreational use to be had.

    Have fun and be safe man

  3. Hey, thanks for the input. I definitely am curious about mixing benadryl and Soma while on an opiate high. Anything to reach that Nod, it sounds wonderful.

    Does anybody know if the 80mg time release would be lethal if I swallowed it, with no tolerance?
  4. Rules are we can't give dosing info friend, sorry.
  5. 20-30mg of OC or 20mg of Morphine

    Dont recomend mixing, erowid and google are your friends.
  6. QFT yo. Check Erowid. Or just use your own reasoning abilities to determine an adequate dose (ie, what you've done in the past). And take it slow, do a little at a time.
  7. Uhh, oral/nasal bioavailbility for morphine are incredibly small.

    Cant really get a buzz unless you bang it.

    Which i do no advise you to do.
  8. take the oxy. fuck the morphine. ad experiance. as long as its not time released you should be fine
  9. You can also plug most morphine pills from what I hear.
  10. do you have any opiate naive, meaning do you have any tolerance right now to opiates?

  11. Yeah its still only about 60%BA and the buzz is slow.
  12. 60% isn't bad, considering oral is what, like 10%? Just saying since you already have it it's probably the best way to take it, without involving needles.
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    Finally someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to morphine. He could try plugging a small dose of the morphine. OP can PM me if he wants instructions, it's not as bad as it sounds.

    EDIT: Bioavailability from rectal Morphine is actually closer to 90%. It's very close to intravenous because the liver doesn't break it down.

    Do not take the oxy all at once, do not mix the oxy and the morphine, and please BE CAREFUL MIXING SOMA AND OPIATES, a slight miss up in dosage WILL KILL YOU.

    Have fun!

  14. Its still lacking the extra chemical group of heroin meaning that it doesnt hit you very fast.
    So the buzz ssnt great.
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    Try 35-40 mg of Oxy, since you said you tried 30 mg of Percocet and it didnt get you nodding.


    Do NOT eat the whole 80 mg oxy.
  16. I'll have to respectfully disagree with you there. I took 45mg of Morphine Sulphate and within 20 minutes was nodding hard. Was too high of a dose actually. Sure it doesn't give the rush that insufflated oxy or heroin do, nor is it anywhere close to the (assumed) rush of IV Heroin, but it is a STRONG buzz.
  17. oral BA is ~25% just for clarification lol...

    since you have the morphine you should make due and probably plug it if you aren't gonna bang it which you shouldn't do anyway but whatever.
  18. The other guys got it right mostly, my only suggestion is not to mix any of them. You dont know much about these pills yet and dont want to accidentally take a bad combo.

    Until you have more experience you shouldnt mix.
  19. i'd either one of two things

    either crush the oxy and take a line

    OR take the morphine

    and save whatever else i have for another day
  20. Thanksfor all of the advice everybody. I'm going to take half the 80mg oxy right now, with a benadryl.

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