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got about 5 grams of high quality shake, what would u make?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by budandshrooms, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. like the title, my buddy gave me some shake from his plants. about 5 grams of it. i was thinkin of pre-bakin it (puttin it in tin foil tray then puttin it in the oven at 250 for 20 mins) then puttin it in some cookies, 5 cookies to be exact. or i was thinkin of makin brownies but separating it into 2 trays, one with the shake in it and the other without.

    if u got some free shake, what would u make? (lol that rhymed)
  2. Wait high quality and shake in the same sentence?? Um judging on how 1 gram of good bud per edible is a normal dose I would say your not going to get much with 5 grams of shake...

    Sorry to be a downer
  3. umm why not?shake is jst like straight weed...normally theres more weed in a gram of shake then a gram of actual bud..seeing as bud has stems and seeds...he probably has a lot there
  4. Yeah I think the word shake and i think of whats left after you pull the nugs out of your sack, Or i think Are they talking about trim? Both are used for cooking but one is a lot more potent then the other.... You are right though

  5. I would take the five grams, then do a qwiso or bho extraction, and make about a grams worth of dank ass hash-oil.
  6. i bought a scale and it measured to 7.8g with the bag cuz i didnt have anything to put it in. and i made a mistake saying its shake its actually trim but its mostly hairs and sugar leaf, so idk what u consider *high quality* but thats the type of trim i would calssify it as, not fan leaves and stems.

    and as to what im gunna make out of it, im gunna buy krusteaz lemon poppy seed muffin mix and make the mix, pour 7 of the 12 muffins, then after pre baking i will mix all the trim in the remaining batter and pour and bake the 5 miffins.

    What do u guys think of the pre-baking? my buddy told me about it but i havent heard anything else about it, any insight?
  7. you should make hash
  8. Yep, I usually use it to make some qwiso. Since its shake its already dried and broken up for you, perfect for qwiso.
  9. I would make 10 .5 gram firecrackers with Nutella :). If you aren't 100% on making edibles you could get probably a gram of really nice QWISO hash and that would only take about an hour from start to finish.

    EDIT: noticed it was actually trim, I would definitely go with hash if it's trim, you won't get too much though probably a half gram.
  10. i would make many, MANY firecrackers. this weekend was was the first weekend i ever made firecrackers let alone cooking period. and to make a long story short i was legit high for what i calculated to be about 8 hours!!!
  11. qwiso def. pretty easy, effective. or just roll a damn blunt lol.
  12. I did eat 2 though. had about 2 grams of AVB and 1 gram of straight dank. the dank was a little too moist so i threw it in my VB vaporizer and took a hit or 2 to dry it out some. then split the amount equally on each cracker. worked like a charm;)

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