Got a ticket. Got some questions.

Discussion in 'General' started by grim grin, May 27, 2003.

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    With this being said heres the situation:

    I got a ticket for possession of marijuana. (less than an oz.)

    I also recieved on that same ticket possession of drug paraphenalia.

    I was previously arrested at the age of 16 for being an accomplice in a crime. (recieved a 50 dollar fine)

    And with that being said here are some questions:

    1. Is it better in my situation to go into court as a juvenile or a minor?

    2. What are some of the common court-ordered punishments for this so-called crime? (I think its a crime against me because my tax dollars are going to stupid stuff like this where as they could be frying bigger fish.)

    3. Do any of you think that there will be any form of a court ordered drug test after I go to court?

    4. Is there a way I could get my license revoked because of this incedent?

    5. Do you think it is safe to continue smoking the herb before my court date?

    Prior to this incedent I was an everyday smoker and since then I haven't touched the good herb. (Sadly) I know i'm making a big deal out of the situation, but its driving me mad!

    Please respond with answers to the questions or any other information you may have that will be beneficial to me.


    -grim grin

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