got a stubborn wart on my hand

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  1. i got scratched by a pool table nail sticking out and it somehow turned into a wart. its been there for about 3 months, i froze it 8 times, i stabbed it, i even bit down on a towel and tried to saw it off. how do i get this stupid chick repellent off of my hand. oh yeah i even tried sand paper.

    ps trying to avoid a doctors visit
  2. Cannabis oil?
  3. and im supposed to get that where? i have thought about it but i cant find that stuff.
  4. Flamethrower?
  5. Make it yourself. There's a million DIY links on this site. I'm not even sure that would work but if not you can just get stoned instead :smoke:
  6. i looked something up it said sand the wart til it bleeds then surmerge your hand in a vinegar and water mixture for like 4 hours
  7. If you froze it that mant times and its not working..I know you want to avoid the doctor but I don't see what you can do. If you keep messing with it, it will just get worse. If you rip it out you'll end up with a big nasty scar instead of a big nasty wart.
  8. good idea but im lacking duct tape, anyways i got it chillin in vinegar right now
  9. Um...go to a pharmacy and get one of those wart bandages?
  10. if the vinegar bath doesnt work that will be my next step. however im sufficating it in a mild acid bath right now.
  11. tried 24 of them no effect
  12. Are you sure its a wart:confused:? After an injury it may be a keloid or hypertropic scar, which is just going to keep re forming.

    Keloid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Keloids: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

  13. Might be a keloid..

    Edit: ^^^^ that
  14. bite it off, thats what i did
  15. came back a week latr
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    warts are actually Bigger Under your skin, they have roots, kinda like trees :p

    go to a dermatoligist- im on a old cp without spell check and i dont care how butchered that word is. SKIN DOCTOR^
    i feel for you man, warts are shameful and gross. I had plenty on my hands, mostly my right. Tell him you used everything you can imagine to get this wart off, He will numb the spot, and use a little blade that cuts you like a cookiecutter, Cutting them out is most effective because they can get the roots, which are the life source for warts.
    PS your not weird if u have warts, they are as common as a cold, just some people cant fight them off.

    good luck, PM for any questions, ive had 5 removed. :)

    LIKE SAID BEFORE DONT GO TO YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR!!!! they will freeze that shit, hurts like fuck and leaves you with scars. Blades are much cleaner ;)
  17. that is plan C for me, plan A stab like 10 times with a sterile push pin and then submerge in vinegar which actually seems to be working, plan B is duct tape, plan C go to a dermatologist
  18. Im telling you, i did everything under the sun and nothing worked until it was cut out. AND dont do that yourself.!

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