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    My friend today gave me, a large handfull of prescription pills. He used to deal medication, like xanax, ritalin, lyrica, nuerotin. He's decided to stop dealing as he has had to many close calls. Me being his friend, he thought he could just give them to me, which he did.
    Anyhow, he gave me:
    Nuerotin, 300mg pills
    Lyrica, 150mg pills
    Morphine, 5mg instant release tablets
    Ritalin, 10mg instant release tablets

    I do not have any experience with any of these drugs (except nuerontin, which is great. i took some today :) ) and want to know if anyone else has had encounters. How much could i sell these for? Should i try any? (not interested in opiates) And i cant take the ritalin. I have adhd, it wont make me "high" just a little different :( and it increases my "tics" because i have tourettes syndrome. It sucks balls.

    Yellow ones=neurontin
    Blue ones=Ritalin

    Here are some pics

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  2. your signature is sooo funny,,, because i am cooking bacon
  3. you should try the ritalin...because the only other choice would be lyrica which is great as an anti-anxiety med but does not produce much euphoria
  4. Of course my opinion is just of one, but if you dont need it, you shouldnt take it, this has an effect on people who do.
  5. Imo, sell them and buy weed :D

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