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  1. hey guuys, ive been growing for years now but its usually indoors and all my outdoor attemps have sucked ass..

    mainly because shit east my weed...i need advice on stuff to keep deer and other annoying pests away..other than the basic talkin crazy shit like tin foil aorund trees and what not...andthing you think might work
  2. Deer usually don't feed on weed, but they have to try it out first. Also when we plant in the wild we look for a open place with plenty of sun during the day. Deer like to bed down during the middle of the day in the same type of areas. Any place that you can find deer hanging out during the middle of the day has the right sun and brushy ceurity you need to grow plants.

    Now how to get them out of there.....

    You can find deer and animal repellant and most hardware stores. Also,Human scent is very effective in running deer off, especiallyif they are used to being hunted. Hang and old rag on a tree limb or a stick, and piss on it every time you check your plants. The urine odor is pretty good at keeping the deers away. And, at the hunting stores you can find all types of animal scents, some to attract deer and others to keep them away. look for a predator scent there.
  3. the piss rag is new to me, but hey thats the kinda stuff i wanted to know, things i hadnt thought of yet...yeah its not really a garden, its at one of my friends houses who lives out in the middle of nowhwere with about 10 acres of doesnt get any traffic (i.e. hunters or mischievous children or transients) so it should work out pretty the only problem we really need to look out for are the forest creatures..

    generally deer seem to be the most pesky of all the creatures, but we're planning on putting out every known (and rumored) treatment for any kind of pests, cuz we're desperate to get a good yield out of an outdoor grow this time....we have the two foot tall plastic fence with another thick rope at about the 4 foot mark with some bells, we have milk jugs of water and some with beer in them without the caps on to repell mosquitos/flys and several other plant eating and plant egg laying insects. we're wrapping all of the larger trees with tin foil at their bases within ten feet of the plants cuz thats what people say scares them away and now we're gonna have to hang some piss rags around too....

    I just hope nobody stumbles across this little monster of a grow site cuz its gonna be a hard one to explain.
  4. sounds like it's gonna be a hell of a site. It would be interesting to hear how it turns out in the end, keep us posted?
  5. First...I have found that the deer actually do not like buds when full of resin,,,more so,, they do like it when it is just beginning budset,and the plant is still sweet...I have watched them in a test patch we setup,,they spit buds out right away if they take a taste..

    This is the only thing that we have ever found in my MedMJ patch(outdoor) to actually work....and it is rather gross but very effective..It completely stopped and they no longer came anywhere near the patch...

    A 5 Gallon bucket,oatmeal,,and a few willing donators...

    piss,and shit in the bucket at least to fill 1/3,,,add oatmeal to fill another 1/3,,,,mix it up well. Let stand for an hour to soak into the oatmeal,,,add enough piss(or water)to make it pourable,,,but not to thin...pour the contents of bucket around the perimeter of patch,,don't do it if a rain is expected that day or the next the first time you put it down..

    The oatmeal will hold the scent ,,,each time this mixture gets a little damp it will release scent...apply it once every 10-20 days...sooner if it rains alot..

    As BPP said,,,piss patches of felt(about 4 feet from ground) will deter them,,but you need to freshen it more regularly.

    I told you it was gross,,,but hey you wanted to

  6. ..why do i get the feeling that my friend's gonna think im just a sick fuck when i come over to his house with a huge bucket and tell him to start ill consider it ndica....
  7. Sounds like a hell of an idea. My worry would be the bipeds though could anyoone post some of the better ideas that they heve used, that really work. I'm planning on planting some at my hunting camp and don't want to have to drive down there to often to check. I can do the best i can to plant hem in an out of the way spot, but you still want the sunlight and all. Just a thought for now, any ideas?

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