Got A Question About My RDWC Setup

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    F80967B2-DC83-4893-8DBF-3EF4D78F5BB0.jpeg What’s going on fellow Hydro-Entrepreneur’s. Just want your thoughts, comments, things you’d change or do differently. Below are the photos of my current setup but not yet completed. Need to pick a few brains cuz knowledge is power right?

    Two 8 gallon buckets with a 27 gallon tub and another 8 gallon bucket.

    My plan was to connect the two plant buckets together and then to either the 8 gallon bucket or the 27 gal tub.

    The 8 gallon bucket as the Res and then the 27 gal for the “top off bucket”.


    I could use the 27 gal bucket as the Res

    Just let me know what you guys think. Appreciate all feedback.

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  2. My advice is to simplify.
    Simpler than RDWC, and at least as effective, is a top-feed, large reservoir system, gravity-fed from an external storage reservoir.
    In particular, the GeneralHydroponics air-lift top feed system keeps reservoirs well mixed and well aerated.
    There are DIY versions of it on the internet.
    GH Farm Kit

    GH also sells a storage reservoir system that I use, and that can be DIYed:
    GH Controller Complete

    A multiple-plant, single, large reservoir is roughly equivalent to a recirculating system, because it's always well mixed.
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