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  1. Hey folks, first post

    Anyway, i've got 6 juicy fruit females all in flowering, it is about the 3rd week of doing so. In the past week and half, I have noticed leaves not just at the bottom, but the tops too have been shrinking in size, curling up, turning yellow/brown, and falling off with just a touch.

    I have also witnessed pretty slow flowering if that means anything. At week 3, the flowering should be much further along than it is.

    Now I am using a 1000W HPS light. Temperatures are NOT the problem, as they never exceed 80F, and my humidity is always between 50%-60%.

    I am using Foxfarm soil and Foxfarm big bloom, watering usually once every other day.

    I have NOT preformed a soil runoff test to get my pH.

    My guesses would be either really bad over/under nutrients, or really high/low pH. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Sorry took so long to respond.

    You sound like you know what needs to be done.

    Many plants use more Mg and Cal in 3 and forth week. So if your ph is off 1. you can have major lock out.

    Do your test and do something. Don't just let time go by.


    p.s. it helps to know ph preferences of your medium. hydro/soil/soil-less/co-co/mist system/? Pot will grow anywhere. It's our job to make her happy indoors. You're mother nature now;)
  3. So it sounds like pH is the most likely suspect? I was considering just harvesting the very small amount I had now, taking clones, and starting again, but do you think it's possible to put things back on track?

    On another note, I waited entirely too long to start flowering. The plants were about 5-6 weeks old before 12/12 was ever initiated, which is why now they are about 5ft tall. Could they just be at the end of their span and won't flower more, or should I keep trying?
  4. 3 weeks? yes you can save them. stunted does not mean dead. I don't know how high you'ld get if you smoked it anyways.

    Get a hold of your ph and post pix or all specs and I'll try to help.

    gl ..alex
  5. I'm a little weary of posting pics, but give me some reassurance and I will. I'll also do a pH test to see where I'm at.
  6. Ok here are some pictures. The pH seems to be high, maybe over 7. Could that be the cause for all this?

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  7. Could be P-def.
    But what do you mean : pH seems to be high?
  8. Let me rephrase, the pH is too high, it is very high, around 7.5-8

    Have we found the problem?
  9. you should flush as soo as possible with 50% nutrient solution ph'd @ 6.5-6.8
    3x the ammount of water to the ammount of soil in the container should do it.
    Im currently in recovery of a ph problem myself,
    and the pro that helped me hasnt been around for awhile. This was the advice i recieved and its working so i suggest you try it to
  10. Cant stand noobs that no nothing, but wanna give advice anyways!!!

    suspect...ATTA BOY, OR GIRL... I'M WITH YA ON THAT...

    Let me rephrase, the pH is too high, it is very high, around 7.5-8

    Have we found the problem?

    yes you have...go to last page of my thread, "accidentally snapped of top cola", there is a ph video of what you need to this now...if it's not there, there's a thread on this board that also has it if it';s still there?..GG has saved my plants...correct your ph now...GG you rock and we miss plants look amazing thanks to you...rock on...slats
  11. LOL, thats jokes, GG is the pro I was speakin of.
    he also saved my crop.
  12. Where is GG, vacation or what?
  13. I dont know , but I started a thread asking where he was and the moderators closed it so...............I wouldnt bring it up again if I were you!
  14. yo can seek advise from GG. there....shame about the city, some peeps took over the neighborhood...hope ya'lll like you're fall harvest...thanx to GG i do...go visit...apparentallyt this community knows not what they do...your loss mod' and learn i guess???...SEE UPDATED PICS OF FRANKIE THE SUPER CLONE AT CANNIBUS.COM...CHEERS...SLATS

  15. or what;)

    Only got andy and amos left boo hooing up a storm.

    If you need help. I hope you take ALL advice as advice. GO check yourself once you get a lead on your problem. There your plants, so treat them the way you wish them to produce.

    Continuous flushing of soil will leave over watering. Most growers overwater in 1 few weeks. run off isn't the ONLY way to check ph.
  16. Quote:
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">Originally Posted by virginharvester [​IMG]
    Where is GG, vacation or what?
    or what;)

    Only got andy and amos left boo hooing up a storm

    WHAT...THAT'S ALL YA GOT MAN??? ANDY AND Amos???...mut and jeff was way, way, much better...i'm a little dissoe'd....worms are still my favorite however
  17. hahahahahahaha, I think 420freedme is part of the reason y Ganja is gone, although I may be mistaken.
  18. yea...420 made ganja go bye, bye...if you would like advise from GG see
  19. yea I dont mind browsing yet another forum!
  20. you will find it quite informative...sorry GC, you loose on this one...i'm just a noob with the longest thread.,,go to cannabis, shelter there

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