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  1. hey guys. today i picked up about 2.7g of some alright 50 bud, and i got a good deal so i was happy at first. after i opened the bag to smell the bud, it smelled awful. i called up my guy and asked him what was up and he was like "ya man i threw in some bud from a roach in there just to be nice and give u some extra bud." well i tried to get the roach bud out, but no matter how hard i try, the bag and bud still smells like stale smoke. like it is so strong that i cant even smell the bud at all. any suggestions?
  2. blaze that bitch up. yeah roaches are strong. your lucky he didn't feel mean and decide to give you sherm.
  3. ya man i feel that, but i mean i like to smell the bud, the bag smells like complete shit
  4. So ask em next time to not put stale bud in there, that you appreciate the extra but would rather it not be mixed in with the fresh bud. No need to get all pissed, just smoke it and calm down
  5. 2.7 for 50 of "alright bud" is a horrible deal to begin with

    no matter where you live


    idk, just smoke it, and better luck next time

    it takes time to get good connects
    i got ripped a lot before i finally got the connects i have now
  6. well take the roach out and dip it in alcohol to extract the thc and then put it in a capsule or two. on the other hand though, put an orange peel in the bag for about fifteen minutes or so.
  7. na man i said 2.7 g of 50 bud (thats like how we rank it around here) like 40 bud is like schwag, 50 bud is gettin better, and anything above 50 is headies. i got it for $15 btw :smoke:
  8. He would have to have it in alcohol for quite a long while to extract the THC man. Hardly a viable solution for the night
  9. even shaking the bottle with the bud in it? i did an iso hash extraction that way once with a friend.

    well admittedly it was mostlyhim but i think i got the idea
  10. Making an iso hash is different than making an alcoholic THC extract, or tincture. But yes, OP could make iso hash if he chose to do so, although I would just smoke the bud. Being able to smell it is nice and all, but if it gets you high you shouldn't complain :D
  11. this is true. man i cant helpbut think you have a very reasonable life approach. do you like spiritual shit?
  12. Yes. I'm an extremely spiritual person
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    damn, do you go in the spirituality section? i went in there but it seems like you have to be pretty into your shit (not saying im not) to get in a discussion.

    lol and i feel like this is not the topic of the thread
  14. No, I don't go in there. Well, very, very rarely. I have a huge problem with theists claiming that they know the truth of things, and a huge problem with atheists claiming they know the truth of things, which is all the spirituality section is.

    Any post made in there about God is immediate shot down by the atheists, so in reality, it's not really a place to talk about spirituality. It's more there for the philosophy.
  15. where the fuck can we feel safe then? i have lots of spiritual stuff to say even though i believe in god. heck i should go in there and say something about this.
  16. It's just the nature of the beast, being on a marijuana forum. I keep away because I hate confrontation and bad vibes...but there are plenty of spiritual people on here that would be willing to talk to you on AIM or through PM, myself included.
  17. ah who can you recommend. i dont want someone arrogant and shit. someone whos real you know, kind of like you.
  18. Well I won't recommend anyone, because I don't want anybody to get annoyed that I sent someone to them without asking them first haha, but you're welcome to IM me if you have an AIM, or just shoot me a PM. My AIM is zerotkc.
  19. i tried to send you a pm already. did it go through?
  20. If it was the one about the DXM thread, yes, it did. You can check if PMs have been read by going to your sent box and noticing the color of the little envelope icon.

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