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Got a problem on my hand

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. How can i get my brother to tell me his dealers number of just let me go with him to get my ounce. I think every time i buy from him he takes some of my weed and this time i want exactly an ounce. What do i do!?!??!
  2. By the way i give him the money befor hand and i dont have a scale
  3. Get a scale and make sure he gives you an ounce.

    edit: buy one
  4. Get a scale and tell him you expect an ounce. You don't have any other sources than your brother's dealer? If he's doing you a favor and getting you herb he deserves a little nug at least.
  5. get it out of his cell when he's not looking? idfk

  6. never... NEVER front money. no matter what i have been jacked before. you will kick yourself in the ass trust me. but i would reccommend tell your brother to buy it for you (with your money of course.) if you pack a bowl of it for him. no one turns down a bowl :p

    EDIT: also try to look for a pocket scale from your local headshop or closest headshop. i got mine for $30 bucks and it works perfectly to the tenth of a gram.
  7. Well last time i bought from him he still owes me a quater...that was like a month ago...
  8. dude if hes picking up your weed he deserves to pinch off a little bit

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