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Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, lately ive been having some political discussions with my buddies and such, and im wondering what are some political subjects you think are important and what your stance on it is. Im always down for a debate :D

  2. argue against the rest of the site, why marijuana is illegal and should stay so. let the rest of the site(people like me, since i dont know shit about legal stuff) argue against you for legality. see how the fight really goes stoner vs stoner haha
  3. North Korea.

    They're a huge threat. They have enriched uranium and ICBMs.

    They are feircly anti-capitalist and the government has ties to terrorism. This is a nuclear war just waiting to go off.

    We wait, while their military grows, they feed millions of men into it, millions of dollars. Korea was bad enough the first time around. It's gonna be worse the second time.
  4. the government cut $12.7 billion from student loan programs in last years budget.

    they also spent over $5 billion persecuting small possession cases just so they could fuck over the kids they are already fucking over.

    fucking government.

    i'll leave this with a quote from our great leader in democracy, "I MAKE THE DECISIONS. I AM THE DECIDER!"

  5. my main concern right now is the impending conflict b/w the US and Iran.

    The president of iran is crazy and is always talking smack trying to start shit. He said israel should be wiped on the map and he said that palestine will be liberated "soon".

    he is developing nuclear weapons. he recently acquired long range missles from N. Korea that are nuclear adaptable. Russia has given them state of the art air defense systems and iran has a new torpedo style missle that can target ships and subs.

    one of the plans on the table is for the US to use nuclear bunker busting missles to target the centrifuge facilities. They are encased in several feet of concrete and steel so a nuclear weapon is the only thing strong enough to guarantee destruction of the centrifuges.

    Iran is backed by Russia and China who both oppose any sanctions against Iran. Tensions just escalated b/w US and Russia with some comments Cheney recently made where he accused Russia of "blackmail" and Russia responded by calling Cheney's comments "completely incomprehensible".

    so if the US launches a preemptive nuclear attack on a muslim nation who already has Russia and China backing them up, that's going to be some bad bloody ass shit that goes down. they probably will start the draft in order to fight this war.
  6. fuck the draft. anyone have an extra bed in canada i can sleep in?
  7. If there's a draft I've got dibs on Rasta Man's couch.
  8. As long as you stay away from the pizza pockets, bro.
  9. hahahahaha
  10. I got a gut in my stomach that i feel something bad will happen later on. it'll be with us for a long time and we must do something to prevent the situation. Like the white house shake-up, losing CIa's Goff, and other major people. What's going on? I think that Bush Admistration is up to something. Things hasn't been going so well and no one is taking charge u know? I think we should all try to think about impeaching Bush since things he did is wrong. He's not even handling the situations going on right now. Also republicans are lazy and democratics are telling them to get off their ass. No offense here, but I think its up to the American people to do something..get together as a group and tell ur senators. Surely, they'll do something or maybe mention what we want.
  11. Everything.

    <-- Angry Liberatrian


    My biggest issue is the Drug War, only because it's what I'm most knowledgable at. I care a lot about other things too, I just don't know as much about them. But basically, pretty much everytime the gov't does something, I end up not liking it, because they keep doing the exact opposite of what our founding fathers wanted, which was a land of freedom with a tiny bit of government just to keep things in order, whereas with every new law, we lose a freedom and government power/influence grows.
  12. i can do fine chillin on the floor as long as i got a blanket and a pillow....goddamn i dont even want to hear the word draft
  13. Iran is a huge threat, i totally agree. I just think its a bit hipocritical to say another nation cannot use nuclear power when clearly the states does, which by the way also has nuclear weapons. Even if they are only defensive in posetion!!!

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