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Got a parking ticket before...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wadderpp, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. For $105 and its straight up bs. I got to school as 3rd period was about to start (i have 1st and 2nd off) and parked on some random side street along with a bunch of other cars. Even if i did get to school early i probably wouldnt have gotten a spot since I never do anyway thanks to our tiny ass lot, but thats besides the point I guess. I know Im definitely in the wrong, but im scheduled to appear on january 3rd and Im wondering if you guys think the fact that theres nothing on my record, nowhere else to park and I was just in school will hold any water in getting the price reduced a little, at least. I mean $105? Thats more than enough for a pretty dank qo around here
  2. What does this have to do with weed?

    And no, you probably wont get it reduced
  3. You didn't really explain what you got the ticket for. Just that you got it because you were running late to school and parked on a side street. What was illegal about parking on this side street?

  4. Nothing, I thought I might be able to get some advice anyway...

    But in response to the other guy, I think its only 2 hour parking on school days. Or there might just be none allowed at all, Im not sure lol
  5. so you parked on a road that you knew was no parking, got a ticket, and now youre unhappy about it? sorry son you messed up. accept the ticket and move on.

  6. Hahahaha I know, besides the lot theres nowhere else to go unless I wanna walk for 10 minutes. Hence me asking if any type of reduction is possible, $105 for going to school? Makes no sense
  7. You're not going to get it parked somewhere you weren't supposed to.
  8. Yea you parked where you werent supposed to.

  9. That doesn't matter, if you want to drive to school you need to accept the responsibility of parking legally. That may mean you have to show up early to get a spot, or you could just man up and park farther away. All of the parking lots in my university are at least a good 10 minute walk from the buildings I go to, it's not that bad.

    So you can either get to school earlier, park legally farther away, or just pay a $105 convenience fee for parking on the side streets illegally everyday.
  10. OP. Don't listen to these fools, they know nothing of the judicial system. Show up on Jan 3 and tell the judge you were too stoned to understand the complicated intricacies of the parking bylaws on such and such street. Smile real big and don't forget to make sure your neck tattoo is peeking out from your collar. Works every time.
  11. In case anyone was wondering, I actually did get it reduced, all the way down to $30. But thanks for all the negativity! Everyone that says this community went to shit really was right lol
  12. talk to a lawyer. theres rules about giving tickets to students while in school. highschool im assuming? our cops are real bad with ticketing kids but this one rich-smart ass got off cause here its illegal to ticket a kid without the principal notifying the parents

  13. Yea, highschool. Everythings done with now, but thanks for the suggestion regardless
  14. Why do people use this forum for shit other than weed?
  15. Convienence? Desire to get answers from like-minded people? I didnt realize it was that big of a problem, but because its bothering you so much I guess Ill stop
  16. my mate got one the other day, he parked in a clearway from 3-7 at 315, we left at about 330 such bullshit 267 bucks. Afterwards we did have a fat sesh tho so all was forgotten
  17. It isn't $105 for going to school, it's $105 for parking illegally. Sack up and pay that shit.

  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha why would I wanna just hand our piece of shit government 105 bucks?
  19. You tell me. You chose to contest it and they're gonna tell you to sack up because you parked illegally. You should've just ignored it if you didn't want to pay.
  20. #20 Wadderpp, Jan 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2012
    Thats an even worse idea, maybe if you actually read youd know that I already "sacked up" and paid less than a third of what they originally wanted me to. Goddamn, why do so many of you around here enjoy trying to bring other people down?

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