Got a onehitter and dugout from my mom.....

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  1. So i was at my moms visiting my sisters and her (we all smoke except one of my sisters) and they had some reggie, so i broke out a couple grams of no name for us to smoke on and my sister asks my mom if she still has her "one hitter" she says yeah and she comes back with this old onehitter she's had since i was young and asks me if i want it..... um duh! haha. I just figured this was worth sharing? cause cool shit like this never seems to happen with people's parents.

  2. Hey man, that's pretty rad if I do say so'
    Congrats :)

    Keep it long enough to possibly pass down to your kids ;)
  3. That's awesome. Imagine a bong from when your parents were younger getting passed on to you!
  4. thats sweeet man if only my parents toked :(
    peace and pot :smoke:
  5. Actually was a witness to this very was touching and totally rad...then we realized the bong was plastic and metal...and it was never cleaned...EVER! Kids dad says..."Oh No! You don't clean a bong, you let it season like a cast iron pot or pan" I wanted to slap the stupid off him, but it would have been in vein I'm afraid. LOL! Shit still makes me laugh and it happened like 15 years ago...hahaha...gonna call him now and go down memory lane or a few...piece and pot

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