Got a new rig, need help.

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  1. Hey all, so I've been dabbling for quite a while with a vape. So I had a glass bong that I got a ceramic nail for. 14mm female on the bong. So I only have a Ronson pocket torch and a can of butane. How long should this thing take to heat up? Tried a couple small dabs and got like no vapor. It basically just melted and ran down into the nail.
  2. Until its glowing red. I like when Its a nice, deep red/orange, then wait for about 20 seconds, and then put my dab on it
  3. Got it about as hot as I could. Torch kept going out and kept getting really hot but I got the nail nearly red after probably 3.5-4mins. Hit pretty good but my vape seems more efficient
  4. try tongs and a stove burner
  5. For a beginner, getting it glowing red then waiting 15 to 20 seconds, helps.
    Once you get used to it, you don't have to get it that hot.
  6. Sounds like torch is to small
  7. It is. Quite a bit too small. Might try to stove trick.
  8. Didn't try the stove trick but I got me a Dorman mini butane torch. Hopefully that'll work
  9. So I fired one up. Took probably 3 mins to get it "red hot" I can't seem to get the entire nail red. Its a super small flame. I can heat the whole inner cirlce up so I just heated the whole thing good and then got got the inner circle red hot. Worked quite well but did leave the dabber still sticky and appears to leave a bit of reclaim.
  10. Got a pic? Would help to know what type of nail (glass, quartz, domeless, etc.) as well as the orientation of the set up. I have been using an e-nail for about a year now, it is almost TOO convenient.
  11. Quit fucking around and get a real torch. Go to bed bath and beyond and get the creme brulee torch. I think its about 30 bucks.
  12. I use those big tanks that people use for camping. They arent stealthy, but last a while. Theyre not all that expensive from walmart
  13. Using the glass bowl as a carb cap. Getting some pretty decent hits off it now. Adjusted the flame setting and its doing decent. Just takes a bit to heat up. I'll get a good one eventually

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  14. More pics

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  15. I had heard the torch from bed bath and beyond was the best. Can y'all see anything in my setup besides the torch that I should change?
  16. The ceramic nail will crack
  17. There have been a few debates on whether propane burns to hot or not. I dont know. I use a butane torch and it works perfect.
  18. Interesting, never knew that. Ever since I've started about 2 years ago, that is all we've used, and all ive seen in the couple smoke groups ive been in.
    We use it on a low setting, and heat the nail up for about a minute, or how ever long it takes to glow red. Then, wait for about 20seconds or so to apply the dab.
    Im in a small rural town; i don't even think wal mart here has this burlee torches
  19. Yea I made a point to avoid propane since its a ceramic nail. I'm hoping with a small torch and just heating it all over will keep it from cracking.

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