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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by demon666, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Ive got a plant outdoors and its in a five gallon bucket. But i forgot the drain holes. Its raining here and there is a little pool on top of the soil. Will this cause root rot? I dont water it myself, i wait for rain.So, will it dies or will it like this?....Thanks......PEACE
  2. you better drill some holes or say goodbuy to your babies. Does it rain alot where you live? your plants will need more frequent water if you want them to survive.
  3. I drilled some holes in the side....but at the very bottom of the bucket..and all the water drained doesnt rain actually looks ten times better after it got that little bit of rain...i just didnt want to tip over the bucket and drill...but i got it now...Thanks...PEACE
  4. Now that i read your idea, Im thinking of doing the same to my 5 gal bucket, I put one of my plants in and i used way too much compost. Its a bit too muddy and even with 3 big holes in the bottom its not draining well. Also because the fact pot is on dirt and 5 gallon bucket bottoms are flat and not alot of air can get under there. I thing im goin to drill 1/4 inch holes (so i dont lose my worms) all up and around the outside of my bucket to quicken drainage. Thanks for geting the idea in my head deamon!

    And pics are manditory in this site!! JK.. pics would be real cool though, start a new thread with some pics! Unless if your digiless :(

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