got a new piece NEED A NAME

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    i need a name for this sick piece

    got it at pipe dreams in orlando for 150$

    so lets get creative with those names

    the coloring reminds me of day and night night being the top day being the bottom but im still stumped on a name

    but i was thinking equinox



  2. Ugh. Well, a name isnt special if you have other people name it. Get toasted and name it yourself.
  3. Nice bong but sorry i couldn't think of a good name. Smoke it with a bunch of your friends or by yourself and when your ripped you can prob think of a name.
  4. Yeah dude, not only should you have other people name it, you should'nt name it sober, its too special.

    But with the though process of day and night touching I'd call it something like Fade cuz it also gets you faded.

    I dunno dude roll with punches til you get a good feeling about the name, but be sure to post it.

    Hahaha or Ol' Fadeful.
  5. I would name it frosty because the bottom of it looks like a snowman :D
  6. Beautiful Piece man :D
  7. that is thick ass glass. and nice piece. and i would never have anyone but myself name a piece for me. just do what they said. get faded and just rack your brain.
  8. thanks everyone im going to use it tomarro night and think of something but old fadeful is fantastic lol
  9. decided on a name

    her name is nox hemera it means night and day in latin
  10. Nice piece but $150 :eek: I would expect perc's with that price. Yeah but name it yourself, may take a couple weeks but it'll come, don't rush it.
  11. My piece is named blue. First thing that came to my brain for yours was "corky" you can have it if you want.
  12. How about a mid summer nights dream? msn for short?
  13. let the owner choose the name man
  14. Sick piece i would pay 150 for that
  15. Does anyone else think it kinda looks like a snowman giving a thumbs up?
  16. he said NEED A NAME figured he wanted a name lol.
  17. does anyone else see a problem with paying $150 for a grommet bong?
  18. Sunset.

    When I see this, it reminds me of Daytona Beach, when the sunsets.

    Dont name it something complicated, nobody wants to think high.

    My piece I named "The Blue Blazer", its a blue and white swirled glass bong.

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