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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ddabull88, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I've been unemployed for almost two months, these have been the possibly the worst two months of my life. Not knowing when I'll find another job, not knowing how much money I need to conserve, and not knowing how much money I can waste on bud lol. But I had my interview this week, was well prepared for it, and I found out I got the job the same day. The position is somewhat related to what I went to college for, so I feel like I'm moving up in the world, finally. I start on monday morning, so I'm gonna have a great weekend with st. patties and all.

    I got let go from my close to minimum wage, shitty retail job, with practically no opportunity for large increase in pay or advancement. It was one of those jobs, where your co-workers are chill as shit, cause everyones in same position; having management up your ass constantly making you do more shit then what you're getting paid for. What I did was against the rules, but I didn't take anything directly from the company, so its whatever. Everything happens for reason, because if I didn't get fired, I'd still be there, with little motivation to find a better job.

    Good luck to all those currently in the job hunt, I feel your pain of being broke and the uncertainty of finding employment

    Anyone else recently out of school, and has found a job for what they want to do in their career?

  2. Congrats, it's a great feeling lol.

    And don't break the rules at this place :p
  3. Right on dude!

    I found out yesterday that I got hired for a new job.
  4. So you made a thread about getting a new job, But didn't tell us what the job was :smoke:
  5. haha forgot to put what it is. I'm working for an investment company,financial related stuff. Its temporary, so if it doesn't lead to anything permanent there, at least its a good resume builder.
  6. Let me borrow 20 dollars when you get your 1st check lmao

  7. well jus got home from my new job as a pizza delivery and i gotta say, one of the best jobs ive had so far
  8. Congrats dude! I'm trying to get a job at the.local headshop right now :) can you say half priced glass?
  9. Congrats brother :)
  10. Thanks blades and i hope u get that job dank dude good luck

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