Got a new glass pipe.. Need help with name

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  1. So i got myself a new pipe and i haven't been able to choose a name for it yet.
    I was thinking if nothing else then call it something like Reggae for its colors, but if you have a better name make sure to tell me because I think reggae is a little plain. :confused_2:

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  2. Gotta love spoons.

    Think about it for a while, Use it a few times and think of some names and if you still can't find a name I'd go for the simple "Bob Marley."
  3. Name it Zig after Ziggy Marley.
  4. Rasty.. pronounced Rahhh steee
  5. Black sunshine
  6. seriously though. rasty. like rastafarian shortened into a name
  7. why name it? probably gonna break a little pipe like that anyway. smoke up op.

  8. Because it gives it more personality, and so i would care more about it more and in turn have less of a chance of it being damaged. :smoke:
  9. Go smoke until you can't smoke anymore, and that is when the name of the pipe will reveal itself to you.

  10. I thinking im probably gonna go with rasty, I like how it is a shortened meaning, that matches up with its colors. :hello:
  11. toky pronounced toke-e

  12. yes i have completed my first noob initiation!
  13. you have to decide that when your super stoned off that piece, you'll think of something good then. :hippie:
  14. augustus pablo

  15. dude is your avatar of someone using mind powers to pick up the slice of pizza and eat it??
    cause thats fucking halarious hahahaha
  16. bartholamous

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