Got a new bubbler/bong for dabbing, is there a adapter for the regular sizes?

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  1. I have 2 other pieces but decided to pick this up because I wanted something for dabbing but I was wondering if there is a adapter from this to normal sizes like 14mm and 18mm?..etc thanks

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  2. Looks like an 18mm joint, are you asking if there are adapters so you can use your slides from other pieces on there? Or, are you wanting to use a 14mm dome on your piece? Forgive me, I'm just not sure what your asking.
  3. i think he means like a male to female adapter.
  4. Thanks for the advice and
    Yes a 18mm joint, Im asking if there is a adapter so I can use my other 18mm pieces. So I guess a male 18 to a female 18 if that makes sense? Sorry its hard to explain and im pretty dabbed out from it lol

  5. yeah dude no worries i know what you're trying to say! If you have a good LHS go there and see if they have any 18>18 adapters Or just go On Aqua.lab.technologies. and order one

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