got a new bong, now want another one! yes or no

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  1. i've ordered a bong on friday, it'll be here on monday,
    i ordered a bushmaster buzzard for £50 off EDIT.
    Bushmaster Buzzard - Online Shop
    i love the look of the hurricanes, and this buzzard has 5 pages of 5 star reviews. so i figured it was probably a good buy.

    a day after i ordered it i was watching a youtube video of this dude unwrapping a
    weed star double perk, and its pretty breathtaking.. [ame=]YouTube - opening Weed Star double perc[/ame]

    its £100 which all things considered is a pretty good deal. WS Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm - Double Tree Perc 18.8 - Online Shop

    so heres the dylemma. ive just ordered a £50 bong, like 2 months after i brought my first £30 EHLE bong. and now i want to go and order a £100 bong.. i do have the money, im being payed £140 to dogsit for 4 days but should i go for it? personal experiences please?

    sorry about the thread having tons of links and such.. try and help me out
  2. IMO you should save up and get one High Quality bong, and some quality accessories to go with it.
  3. If this video gets you stoked for that piece, then go for it. But as far as quality you WS really isn't that great. For the price you won't be able to find a double tree for of better quality, but maybe a single tree.

    Personally I'd settle for a single tree of much nicer quality glass, and much higher durability. Remember that is a double tree for quite a nice price, and when prices are that good you get what you pay for.

    If you're dead set on a double tree and can't find one for a better price and you don't want to up your own budget then get it. I'm not going to be the snob who tells you WS is garbage, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. its a ok piece but if your gonna go with one like that, get one with only 1 set of percs! the more percs you have will make it drag a lot more...and you said you have an ehle and a buzzard that have no percs, so changing to 2 percs will be a big difference in drag that you might not like... so just get a single perc and make sure if its trees that they are open ended ;)
    oh and make sure that the glass is at least 5mm thick!:D...
    ...and ur good to go:cool:
  5. and i can almost guarantee that if u get a WS*, that your gonna still upgrade to a better piece ;^)....but that means you will have a start to a nice collection 1 day!
    i started out with acrylic and grommet bongs..than upgraded to glass on glass china..than up to ws* i've sold all the junk and my collection has grown a lil at a time! lately i've been gettin a lot of custom stuff from GMD =D and maybe 1 day i'll have a SG and a Toro & a lot more heady stuff!!!!
    its all about the journey for me so i say go with what you feel!
    every collection has to start somewhere;)
  6. Not trying to rag on you but WS is GonG made in China. It's not even creame of the crop China. But for the price some of their stuff is very functional assuming you are very gentle with it. A WS could have some amazing function and last a long time if you take VERY good care of it. It just seems many people break the percs or joints without even trying. Tree percs are especially prone to breaking just from setting a piece down.

  7. they are low quality but made in europe
  8. ok the moral of it was that ppl gotta start somewhere...even if it china! he will learn with experience;)
  9. maybe you should use some money to get yourself a new phone, flip phones are outdated...draggy ass bong lmao
  10. lol bro thats not his video
  11. The want will go away in a while, nothing wrong with having a selection of pieces though. You could always get add ons to the piece you have. Or save up and get a real nice bong. But hey man do whatever feels right:D

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