Got A New Bong, Could Use Some Advice

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  1. So i got a new bong the other day and it just isnt milking like it should..if i can get some feed back on it that would be great, ive hit many bongs before so i know im doing something wrong on this one but i just cant figure it out.. ha, im thinking its my water levels? idk but thanks again everyone

  2. You probably won't be able to milk that bong all that much, it's a little tougher with those smaller straight tubes, you really don't need much water at all though, just enough to go over the percs on the downstem. I couldn't really tell by the picture, but the middle chamber looks like a halo perc? if so, you'll want to add a little bit of water in there just to get over the percs, and is the thing under the ice pinch a mushroom perc or just a splash guard? I added a picture to show what your water levels should look like, but you probably shouldn't be expecting to milk it like a beaker or something.
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    yea those were about my water levels.. but its just a splash guard, water just goes through it into the second chamber.. what would you recomend for a more simple and smaller bong that could rip? i paid 160 for this and ive hit better ones that were half the price..
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    That's pretty expensive for a piece like that :eek: but there's things like; pretty decent basic beaker, and it's a really reasonable price. Weed star usually has some pretty good stuff for competitive prices, you can also check your local craigslist to see if there's any good deals, just search for 'water pipe' & 'bong'.
    Dang :/ well it looks like im gonna use this for a while for now, in the future ill look into that one you posted cause that looks pretty solid and not to fancy.. Thanks for the help and advice man, appreciate it.
  6. Try a different bowl piece man it could be that or grind up your weed than it will milk for sure.  But your bowl could have too small of a hole  or something.  If the joints fit tight it should milk like any other piece perc or not.
  7. Try pulling very slow also.

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