got a mflb today. Just one question

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    I was looking at vapes for awhile, and particularly wanted an underdog. Couldn't afford one atm though. today I saw an ad in the paper that the lhs was having a sale, 20% off all vaporizers
    . It also had coupons for a free tshirt with shop name on it & free mini bong
    on all purchases over $100. There was also one for a free hookah sesh.

    Decided to go check it out with the gf, started with the free hookah
    sesh, got banana peanut butter
    flavor shisha. it was interesting to say the least but went well with the hemp lemonade thing I got for a buck :)

    Their vape selection was kinda weak, a few china brand desktop vapes for $150+. But then I noticed they had some portable vapes, the davinci for $220 and a mflb for $130. Decided that I might as well jump on the mflb, and so far couldnt be happier. Got the mflb, a (cheap, probably bought wholesale from china) 10" hookah
    , and tshirt for roughly $110.

    i only have one question, is this the serial number? It seems like it could be the best company phone number ever. Any protips you guys want to pass on are also appreciated. View attachment 1228548
  2. yeah , though I'd remove that pic before someone steals it. you'll have trouble with your warranty process if someone used it.
  3. It's a trap =0
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    HAHAHAHA c'mon dude your warranty is probably already fucked.
  5. yeah dude definitely take that shit down
  6. Thank you, pic removed. I suppose ill send the company an email just in case.

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