Got a medium Space Case, seems a bit big?

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  1. So I finally settled on a titanium space case, and I do like it, but before I use it, I'm thinking I may want to trade it in for a small? Because I was thinking medium would be the same size as my orange plastic volcano grinder, but honestly, it's a bit bigger than that.
    Is there any downside to have a grinder that's a tad bigger than you need? Does stuff still get ground and not get caught up in the massive teeth jungle?
    Might it be wise to just exchange it for the small one? I think even the small Space Case is 2", which sounds plenty big (I think the medium is 2.5" surprisingly.
    Anyway, not sure what to do.

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    I like the medium..the large is mainly for people who are making concentrates to grind up large amounts at one time. I think the medium one is a more suitable size if you smoke with other people alot, so you can grind up more at one time. Nothing wrong with the small one though, it just doesn't hold as much.
    The holes are the same size though, there are just less or more of them, so all the sizes function the same.
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    Oh, I assumed the holes were the same size...I'm guessing the smaller one has less teeth and less surface area (and yeah maybe less holes?). I guess I am not sure, I do smoke pretty frequently (I purchase a quad or so a month I would say, although oil has been distracting me from dry herb more than I used to) I grind for my volcano and my pax (occasional joint but usually not...and even then my smaller 2 piece volcano grinder was already big enough for that..).
    I there any downside to having a bigger grinder than you need? I still don't know if I care about portability because with my cheap plastic two piece it never was really much of an option (so I would just grind what I needed before going out, put it in my pax or something, and just have that last me).
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    I don't see any downside at all, especially in your situation. You have the volcano grinder for your personal vaping, and you have the space case for when you might be rolling a couple joint or whatever. It's all good bro
    And the kief catcher on the space cases are awesome..a step above the cheaper grinders like cali crusher
  5. Well yeah, the Volcano has a decent sized bowl (again though the orange grinder could handle filling that already), but then for anything smaller, I just wonder if it would get "lost" in my larger space case grinder (which I also understand may not happen simply because the space case is such a good grinder and titanium is so specifically non stick).
    I guess, aside from the shape and size being more convenient to carry, was there any reason someone would recommend the small over the medium? Heck, even the price was pretty similar (I think the small was 5 bucks less...but given I'm already paying what I am for the thing, the price difference at that rate matters little to me).
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    It won't get lost in the just tap the grinder on it's side once or twice and all the herb comes in a little pile, and you just scoop it up.
    I hardly ever grind up more than .5 at a time when vaping, it works out perfectly in the have nothing to worry about
  7. I have the small and it easily holds about a gram, maybe a little over.  I have had it for 2 years, was happy with it from the get go, and i've never wanted something bigger and I smoke a lot.  It gets filled up and is exactly enough for my day.
  8. Aha ppl making concentrates are using blenders, even the largest grinder would take forever to use to make concentrates, my friend has the largest spacecase they make and we can fill it up a few times and roll blunts
    Yeah I have a friend with a large too..I like the medium alot more though..the large is just too large for me personally
  10. Are you just goanna keep on writing paragraphs at a time until you get a yes or no answer?? Lol jk:) no I don't see any advantages to having the small over the medium. Preforms the same function and not really any less portable. Hope you don't have to write any more novels;)Sent from my RM-860_nam_usa_100 using Tapatalk
  11. yeah I agree, the large are cool but pretty impractical honestly
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    Uh, thanks for the answer. As for the harping on my "novels", no offense, but calling a paragraph or two a novel might imply more about your laziness toward reading things moreso than the length of the things I'm writing :p . I'm on a computer, not a phone btw.
    And given that this thing will supposedly last a lifetime, I would say I'm not being too fussy or particular about this decision. As someone else pointed out, a small may be perfectly sized for the amounts I need to grind up (and if it's not I could just grind more :p ) . But yeah, since there's no downsized to having a slightly bigger one, maybe I just will keep it.
  13. Lol i didn't mean to be a jerk I'm just fuckin with uSent from my RM-860_nam_usa_100 using Tapatalk
  14. where did u get it from.? i found it on amazon for $60something (4piece titanium med)and was looking to get that when i get some extra money
  15. Yeah I picked it up off Amazon. I definitely want to figure out whether I want to exchange it for a small or not before I use it though :p .
  16. I have the medium and it's the perfect size for me... Flower is always at a perfect consistency, I know someone who has the large and it's almost too big and has much more space between the teeth.Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  17. Well yeah, I would definitely not be considering the large one now, and wasn't even before. I was just pondering whether there was any reason to get a small instead, although I'm thinking now there is no upside to have a snugger fitting grind space, and the idea of even carrying said thing with me had no occurred to me until just recently (my previous plastic two piece was merely used to grind and then transfer stuff, the idea of keeping it fresh and sealed inside said grinder was not really an option with that, but perhaps with this medium space case it can be).
    -Which actually brings me to a new question. How good of a job does the Space Case do as far as keeping the stuff it has ground up fresh? The magnetized lid and screw bottom do seem to make for a pretty decent seal?
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    space cases are fuckin huge that being said i have the medium and it serves me well
    i kept some bud in my space case and it was still fairly fresh after about a week
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    Heck yeah they are, I thought I was getting a medium and it was decidedly bigger than how I imagined.
    So, is this fresh keeping bud seal a thing that all four piece grinders do to an extent I presume? Are space cases particularly good at that or do most 4 pieces seal pretty well and preserve bud for roughly the same amount of time? Again, this is a new thing for me because in the past I just used my grinder to grind what I needed on the spot (which did require a decent amount of eyeballing depending on what I was filling :p ) .
  20. i mean i dont keep my bud in my grinder i just forgot about it but of the 3 grinders i have owned space case has had the strongest magnet and thus seal im assuming personally i perfer breaking bud up with my fingers anyway

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