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Got a little red eye emergency

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alwaysdown, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I made the dumb decision of smoking up at home before work, now I'm in my car near my workplace ( on GC via iPhone) and luckily I'm early.

    anyways my eyes are quite bloodshot and iv put about 4 drops of vision in each eye over an hour and they are still blazin red... Any suggestions? Got work in 40 mins or so

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  2. wash your face.. uhh

    get yourself some rohtos next time
  3. Keep rubbing your eyes and blame it on your contacts. When I used to blaze before work and forget eye drops, that's what I'd do. If you don't wear contacts, say you got pink eye.
  4. say you're tired.
  5. Buy the blue Rohto Ice drops. Work great for me, cost a little more than the others but it always works.
  6. Get clear eyes

    I have never had them not work
  7. Hmm wait it out it might go away by than but put some mor eye drops in.
  8. Say you didn't get a lot of sleep. I smoked heavily a night before my internship at 9am the next day and had the largest bags ever under my eyes, someone asked if I didn't get a lot of sleep and i was like YES YES thats it.

    Let people assume you didn't get a lot of sleep, no reason for them to suspect you were smoking.
  9. What's ironic is I work at the only convenient store here that would have rhotos but I'll drive somewhere, how much woul they cost I didn't bring too much, thanks for the quick responses too
  10. I was literally thinking I was the only one that would say this...It works everytime, they can't prove you wrong...I always went with 'just woke up' though.:cool:
  11. You're not supposed to put 4 drops, that will only make it worse, 1 or 2 drops should be enough. Say your contacts are dry or you got shampoo in your eyes while taking a shower.
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    Basuch and Laumb w/ Opcon A is perfect. I find that rohtos make your eyes gleam to a unnaturally white hue. B&L is what i use. I think B&L and Rohtos are both about $3 - $4 depending on your location and tax, etc

  13. Haha wtf?

    Your eyes are too white dude, you must be high!

    Silly, just plain silly.

  14. This.. Look on the bottle and most eye drops will say not to exceed a certain amount because it can make your eyes get worse.. Hopefully you did ok op..:wave:
  15. Umm... What? If anyone asked me why my eyes were red, I'd legit stop and just look at them like "............. what mother fucker?" Legit, who the fuck is looking into your eyes?

    Worst case scenario the cops show up, put you under arrest for possession of red eyez, tell 'em its your allergies!
  16. Go to Walmart, buy some good eyedrops
  17. I was unaware that having red eyes was illegal. Unless your boss doubles as your probation officer your fine. Lol
  18. If you can't get other drops here are some excuses:
    -just woke up
    -contacts are dry
    -yeah, I left my windows open in my car last night and a stray cat got in. I'm allergic to them, it was awful
    -got shampoo/soap/cologne in my eyes
    - really? *looks in mirror* oh wow, how did that happen?

    Plenty of believable and valid excuses you can come up with. Don't worry, you'll be fine
  19. Unless your drops say "artificial tears" on the bottle then you really shouldn't keep loading up on them. It's terrible for your eyes

  20. just ended up saying i took a nap earlier and thank god my eyes went back to normal after about an hour cause people in the store were giving me looks :smoking:

    but hey days over thanks everyone

    and btw your sig pic...that is a beauuuutiful bubbler my friend

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