Got a Latvian kid to blaze for the first time .. LOL

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  1. So I've moved out of new york to a country which is going to be left anonymous because of obvious reasons.

    Anyways I'm studying Computer Jewelry Design and I met a kid at school last week who was here only for a 3 day course. We hung out the night before he was going back to his home country, LATVIA! We had a few beers and then I asked him if he had ever smoked pot before .. He said he never has but he might try it if it was the right occasion.

    So I told him how about tonight? He agreed, very quickly at that. I then lead the way to a safe parking lot to smoke in. I pulled out a joint i had rolled earlier, since it is not safe to travel with more weed than you can eat where I live now. I had him light a cigarette for safe measures, then i lit up the j.

    I passed it to the kid, and told him to hold it in as long as he could. I wish someone could've taught me the right way to smoke when I first tried haha. So he was hitting it like a pro. After a few hits he coughed his lungs out and passed it back.

    I finished the j and we went back out to the main road. As we're sitting on some garden chairs outside a restaurant, I asked him if he wanted anything from 7-11 across the street. He said no but I knew he wanted something.

    Now let me tell you, by this point he was laughy smiley high .. eyes red as an apple.

    I went to 7-11 and got him a chocolate bar and a bottle of iced coffee .. I felt as if i was responsible for making his high as best as possible because we were in another country and I had got him to do it lol

    I went outside and gave him the goodies and then realized he looked like he had taken a few tabs of acid or ate some shrooms hahaha .. he was high as hell!! I could tell he wasn't used to this, so I got a cab and told the driver to take him back to his hotel and i would go back to my place.

    When we got in the taxi he wouldn't speak .. but I couldn't stop asking him questions on the experience .. I realized I should shut up and let him enjoy it .. so when he left I asked him to write in an email to me about how he felt after he smoked ..

    Here is the email:

    Hi man ! How are you doing? Did you get home safe?

    Well I'm in **** right now and let me tell you, yesterday was absolutely SOMETHING ! As you said before what happened changed my life forever, and i'm not gonna forget it. When i was in my hotel room last night i wrote down some things into my notebook. I'm gonna quote some stuff now:

    SeasonedToker43 (no he does not know my username, just not putting my real name) is a god.
    The room has become pac-man style.
    TV screen became a mosaic
    I love it :)
    How did this happen? I'm glad it happened.
    I was scared cuz i thought i'll be stoned like that at the customs and that i'll be arrested and executed (I think that being worried didn't let me enjoy the high to the fullest :) But boy did i enjoy it :D

    At one point in my hotel room, when the high was already over (strangely enough the high was over just as suddenly as it started, so i was... ummm... sober? at about 1 o'clock), I'm just lying there on my bed, not blinking my eyes at all, and i can swear i hear raindrops falling on the window, i go to check it out, but it's not raining.

    Also, when we went to the 7/11 and i reached for the coffee bottle my arms seemed to stretch out :)
    And when we were sitting and you were telling me how you passed your maths exam you looked cartoonish to me :D

    Dude, you changed my life forever! Somehow i feel really calm, like reaaaaaalllly calm right now...and it feels really good. As if i've achieved spiritual enlightment. wow

    Take care, hope to hear from you soon!

    HAHAHA tell me what you guys think about this
  2. Thats awesome dude, sounds like he had a good time.

    good job man
  3. are GOD!
    But seroiusly +rep for changing someone's life...
  4. Why cant you tell us what country you are in? Cool story though.

  5. "I was scared cuz i thought i'll be stoned like that at the customs and that i'll be arrested and executed."

    It might have something to do with that ^
  6. what in case kim jon il happens to be browsing gc?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. nice dude =] glad to hear u changed a kids life

    i am guessin in pakistan or in asia somewhere? lol u dont gota answer just a guess

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