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Got a job interview today!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MyBuddyJebus, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Well blades, it has been a horribly tough 10 months but I FINALLY got a job interview! Its nothing special, just a sales associate job for a retail store but its a job! This store is actually my very first job from back in high school :p I know I'll get it because I know the HR rep personally.

    It may not be my career job yet but I'll be able to freelance with peace of mind knowing I have steady income now. My interview is at 1:00 today! I'm so so happy :D
  2. Good luck, bro. Seems you won't need it though. I still need a job before college starts :( I've been turned down 50+ jobs in the past year. FUCK.
  3. awesome, good luck !
  4. I got the job! The interview went really smoothly. In fact, the HR rep didn't even interview me. We just talked for an hour catching up on the last 5 years. This bowl is going to be so relaxing:smoke:

    straight up turned down? or just not called back after turning in an app?

    or not called back after an interview?
  6. ^5 Congrats!:D:smoking:

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