got a hydro system ?

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  1. kind of new to growing wanted to know if when my water evaporates from my hydro system do my nutrients go or stay in the tub?
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    your plant will absorb the nutrients quickly. the water doesn't really evaporate. you'll be correcting the PH daily. That will lead to a buildup up of stuff the plant doesn't need. I remove all my water and and fresh stuff every 1-2 weeks depending on how much I have had to correct the PH. I grow organically. My ph fluctuates a lot more than a grow that uses normal nuts will.

    I use RO water. I figured my RO system will pay for its self in about a year with as much as I use it and how much RO water costs at the local grocery store.

    Water evaporation is 100% pure water. It's natures distill. All that will evaporate is the water. nothing else. It will leave everything else behind.
  3. thanks for the tip. sounds like i need to change my water out what where you meaning when you said RO water? my plants are looking good thow there 5 weeks now and between 8 to10" tall some of the big fan leaves are curling up slightly around the edge is this a problem? i thought the plants mite be getting to close to the light. there maybe 10" from touching.
  4. RO = Reverse Osmosis(The best water), curling up could be over water, curling down for me is under watering. Dont know what type of light you are using to see if your distance is accurate.
  5. ok. my system waters 3 times a day 30 min each. (i use drip tips). i have been thinking of shorting that up. cause my soil never seems to dry out. my light is 250w mh bulb.

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