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  1. I've figured out the right coals to use but I've only got one flavor so far. Anyone got any awesome suggestions? 
    I'm smoking tangerine Haze right now. So if you got any good suggestions I would like to hear them. Or I guess anything relating to hookah would be cool to hear about.

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    -Ice in the water
    -mouth wash will give a minty aftertaste, but only use one small drop 
    -if the smoke gets harsh slowly blow out into the hose or you'll ruin your bowl. 
  3. Make sure the purge valve is open when you do this though, or you'll flood your hose and bowl and get a nice mouthful of water
  4. I've heard ice in the water doesn't cool the smoke, just gives you less because it makes the drag harder.
    I recommend Fumari Mint, I've had like 2 bowls of that stuff today.
    Also, I recommend blowing bubbles filled with smoke if you're smoking outside. (you need a cup, a toilet paper tube, and dish soap)
  5. Use wine in your hookah, when alcohol bubbles it releases alcohol vapor which will get you buzzed if inhaled... and wine makes it tastr delicious

  6. I'm liking the tips I will have to try some of these out. The wine idea sounds interesting anybody else can attest to that?
  7. I honestly wouldn't, but it's up to you.

    If it's a cheap hookah the acidity of the wine could alter the taste of the downstem, depending on the metal used.

    If you wouldn't put anything except water in your bong that's all you should be putting in your hookah.

    Also, get a washable hose asap
  8. Starbuzz blue mist is very good, also try lemon
  9. Been smoking hookah a few years now, I'd say I do it a few times a week. In fact, I enjoy it just as much as weed and alcohol. Thinking about getting one of my own soon. Any tips?
    I only just got it but cheaper smaller hookahs are just as good as the crazy huge ones honestly. In my experience of smoking different hookahs. Dodo's are good instant coals if you want to smoke quick and have less of a mess.
    So we got 1 v 1 on the wine in hookah...I probably won't do it but I'm curious if anyone else has done it and if it even makes a difference.
    Don't buy a cheap hookah. I've only ever owned Khalil Mamoon hookahs, as I have never had one that wasn't amazing. I now own 6. Mya is another good brand, and although I don't own one, I've smoked from Myas lots of times.
    Don't buy quicklight charcoals. It really fucks with the flavor. Coco Naras or similar only.
    Shisha is another thing you don't want to be cheap with. The cheapest I'll go is Al Fakher brand, and most of their flavors are awesome. Starbuzz can be pricey, but the flavor is top notch. Tangiers is expensive and requires a different acclimating and packing method than most shishas, but if you can get it acclimated and packed properly there is nothing better.
    Most hookahs come with unwashable hoses. Either buy a washable hose at the same time as you purchase your hookah, or don't EVER let your hose come in contact with water. They rust really, really easily, and a mouthful of rust isn't cool.
    As with any weed smoking device, clean it after every session (hot water and soap in the base, hot water and soap through the pipe with a scrub brush, hot water through the hose if it's washable; if it's not, blow through it several times). Let everything air dry and then put it back together. 
  12. Double post but meh
    The reason I say not to buy a cheap hookah is because they rust easily, and they hold flavors like hell. When you smoke from a hookah you should be tasting the shisha, and that's it. Not whatever flavors you've smoked the previous 50 times.
    If you do buy a cheap hookah, you can get around this by washing the pipe with a mixture of dish soap and white vinegar. The vinegar with neutralize the smells (and its smell will go away when washed out), and the soap helps to loosen any built up scum on the inside, and just makes the vinegar thicker so it doesn't all just pour out of the bottom of the pipe.
    Soaking hose and bowl gaskets in vinegar achieves the same thing. Just soak, and then wash with hot soapy water.
  13. Yup, I'm pretty sure inhaling alcohol is brain damaging. But in a way so is drinking it.
    Have you tried it though?
    I don't think I will do it just curious if anyone else has tried it.

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