got a half ounce for $16

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. yes. you read that right... my friend and i got a half ounce last week for $16... i woulda posted this sooner... but um... i forgot? lol. damn stml
  2. thats crazy.. i got like an o of shake for $10 once.. the guy thought it was a quarter
  3. lol, i love it when you buy from people that either lack scales or dont know the gram to oz ratios

    best ive gotten was 10 for about a half, was goin for a 1/4 though
  4. The best I've ever gotten was a quarter of DANK for $50. I think my dealer may have been to burned out, and gave us the wrong bag.

  5. i've gotten that. my dealer loves us though. we called him up last 420 for an eigth (of dank) and he gave us a quarter for the same price. he's giving us a free bag of shake from his last QP of danks today! woohoo! :):D
  6. last week my buddy gave me a 15 bag for $4
  7. way to go w/ your find! $16 that is a great deal! :D
  8. Hell, I pay that much for catnip for my cats. Or maybe I have been smoking the catnip and giving them the good stuff. Sometimes it is hard to tell...
  9. ya i agree with ganjaphish on the awesome find... wish i could find that kinda stuff for that cheap... and ganjaphish your the girl who lived in berkley in cal right.... long time no see...

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