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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by BlackOut, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Alright people,

    I have a closet grow room right now. It messures about 3 1/2 feet long 3 1/2 feet wide and about 10 feet high but only 6-7 of that will be needed. So I have about 10sqft. when my seeds come in I will be growing Ice, Chrystal, Shiva, Power Plant, Apollo 11xMatanuska Thunderfuck, Black Spice, Green GiantxMatanuska Thunderfuck, and Star Gazer. Not all at once of course but I hope to eventually be growing 3 plants of each. My lighting is this, 3 105 watt 7000 lumens (each,my book says for every sqft you want a good 2500 lumens. With this I get 2100 lumens per sqft a little low but it will work.) florescents (I know I know flos suck but its all I can do right now because I cant afford to wire in some High Pressure Sodiums which is what I want). I have a Negative Ion Generator to keep the smell down and I have an air purifier because they keep the smell way down on the out air flow. I have a fan to push in fresh air to keep the plants healthy. (I was also thinking about putting a humidifier inside the closet to keep it a nice constant 35-40%.) Is this a good idea or no? I would like any comments anyone has to give me to help me be successfull enough to make money to upgrade the room my budget right now is about 1500-(2000 eventually)$ for the room.
  2. a humidifier is not for maintaining temperature, and how big is the exaust fan? your fan needs to be able to change the air in your box at least once a minute
  3. the fan will do the job for right now whats a good type/size fan to use?
  4. yes floros do suck but only durring the flowering period because that HPS makes the light spectrum,............. eh i doubt i have to tell u that shtick u prolly already know,...... other than that if ur looking to keep the smell down here..

    peletized activated carbon, i asked for help finding this shit a while ago but no one knew dick about it so it took em 3 hours with NO flipen weed to seacch this shit down... i know its for water filtering I'm not fucking stupid but the activated carbon killes damn near 95 percent of all oders so just run like a edxhaust vent tube shitter off of your out vent to the closet and fill the bottom of it with some of those pellets and you should be more than fine with oder....

    as for everything else i wish u luck and hurry up and get that first crop baged and sold cause u will do much better off with some 300 watt hps ;-) grow on buddy grow on
  5. Those pellets look like they will work good and be a lot cheaper than running an ionizer and an air purifier. Thanks a lot for that info it will help me alot. Im hoping to have my first harvest by next September-October.

  6. go to wal-mart and buy a carbon air filter. They plug into a normal outlet and cost about $25. My buddy used that for his and it made a HUUUGE difference, couldn't smell the pot whatsoever.

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