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Got a free Zong from a friend

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by hoof123, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. However it needs a slide. Im gonna go to the head shop to pick one up and play with it, but I am wondering if its real or a knockoff. Does anyone know?

    Looks like its going to be fun to smoke either way.

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  2. I don't think they make fake zongs
  3. That's just a plain old china zong.
  4. They do. Imo some knockoffs are better.tell me with a straight face that this bong posted below isnt better then a brand name zong.

  5. What is the definition of a zong anyway? A "z" shaped bong?
  6. Zong was a brand thats made bongs like the ops. But yes is short term its a bongs with 3 kinks in it.
  7. Not better than a brand name Zong!.
  8. I beg to differ so do several family members,friends and heads that have been brought by friends,people in san fran at hippie hill . So yes i beg to differ.i love my bong :)

  9. Even a real zong is shitty so don't get too proud to fast
  10. I'll go with the original American Zong!:

  11. A china zong is about the most delicate piece you can find. Careful! And switch out that crap rubber-grommet downstem and buy a glass on glass stem and slide, you should be able to form an air tight seal with the grommet.
  12. Where can I get a "Zong" Bong? I want one! :bongin:
  13. Not sure, but it sure is fun to hit!
  14. Zong is no longer in business. Blue Dot makes some still, they bought the brand name I believe. They're an Arizona company. Sour glass is out of San Diego and they are also on FB. Sour designs are what the original zongs were based on. If you're really interested, look it up on FB.
  15. i work in a shop that just got a bunch of ZONG! brand glass in. everything from little 8" double kinks to a three and a half foot tall 22arm tree perc'd monster tube.

    i too have heard from multiple people that the old ZONG! brand isnt around anymore. did bluedot (or someone else) buy the trademark? im curious cause i get 2 or 3 customers who ask the same question all day. anyone know?
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    Sorry man I'm from San Fran lived here my whole life and I'll tell you right now that is not better than a brand name Zong!
  17. You got that mixed up. Zong is in business, and they own Blue Dot. The Blue Dot line has been limited.
  18. You put a monster sticker on a chinese bong. That just makes you look like a tool
    Old hippies won't be rude and say shitty bong. They just want a way to get high
  19. Ahh man, Sour bongs..that takes me back..went to school in SD, they were everywhere.

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