Got a free Dell, but I cant get sound to work, help!

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by 4Cave2man0, May 14, 2011.

  1. I got a dell from a camera shop/company next to my work for free I got a wireless card working etc

    but I cant get sound to work can somebody help
  2. ^^ did you try downloading new drivers from dells website?

  3. idk what that means lol I dont know alot about comps but I know some
  4. You 1st have to check and see if your computer has a sound card.

    Plug in speakers.

    CLICK start > control panel > sounds and audio devices > sounds (tab).

    That will allow you to play different sounds.

    that same tab will show you sound card driver name.

    google that and you will find driver to update.

    in most cases go to (using IE only) to download updates for your computer.
  5. so how do I find out if I have a sound card? I have speakers

    i did all that control>sounds audio devices> then everthing under the volume tab was grey...:(
  6. what's listed under VOICE tab?

    In voice playback menu?
  7. If everything under SOUND tab is greyed out, you don't have a sound card.
  8. how much is a sound card?
  9. depends on your computer, they can be $10 and up.

    Unrelated note; DELETE AVG immediately and download Microsoft Security Essentials, it's for free and is the best anti-virus and malware out there.

  10. how do I hard delete it?
  11. uninstall is fine.
  12. What model Dell is it?

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