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Got a date!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. I'm so excited i got with a girl from the past we used to hang out back in my jesus days. Juast going to the movies and bowl and eating out just as friends never even got to kiss her. So anyway she im's me today and says shes bored i was like me too So she said come over and were watch movies and than you can see im not such a good girl as you think.

    I was like wow, you have to understand about this girl shes as goody goody as posable and she wants me to come over its gonna b great so i just wn a bottle of dxm to be more social i cantwait its at 7:30 i live i n pa just to let yo u know the time zone So who knows what will happen tonight
  2. Good luck man!
  3. I met a really cool girl over christmas break, but she lives 500 miles away. Apparently she digs me, too, so I'm gonna have to make a road trip soon. Good luck with your "movie night"
  4. I wouldn't do the drugs first. I would share them with her! Make it a more interesting night!
  5. Kick ass, man! I hope it all goes well. If you have details when you get back, you had better give them up. ;)
  6. hi every body things are going great I think im fallening in love. Lol how many times have i thought that ! actally not many thisI have not cared abotu a girl this much .so when she told me that she would not go out with me if i countiend smoking so i have to go on with the next step of my life with her.

    I find myself not even wanting to smoke being with her kissing her just knowing shes there is a great high, its great to have some one who cares about you. All i can really say is wow i have never had this much fun in my life.

    So all in all the night went great I got there around 7:00p.m We sat on the couch at oposit ends to watch a movie little by little we startslide towardes eachother than about a 1 since i was there our legs finally met I was happy.

    The movie ended and our legs are still touching So i grab the remote and put it on mtv to see what is on to my luck my favorite show villa la bam is on and better yet it s marthone and every eposide they sowed i didn't even see yet . She told me she never watched it i was like wow its great and guess what she got into .

    Its about 12:00 a.m and we are not even tired yet so i decied to make the brave move of going for her hand. lol yeah i know i have been there for over 4 hrs and i just now went for her hand but i guess thats just the kind of guy I am.

    We than started to watch crank yankers marthone after abotu two epoisides we starting to cuddle than not much after that she kissed me. I did know what to think the only thing that was going thru my head is the im such a lucky to be with such a angel. So all i can say is life is good.

    Dont woory guys i will still come to the city i just can't smok i made a promise and im keeping it cuz she rocks. I think its a small price to pay to be with the coolest gal on earth im much happyer than i have been in awhile. So all i can really so is there is a more important thing than pot Her name is jen and I am very happy with all my desions! I ended up leaving at 8:am
  7. im happy for ya dude, i dont think i would ever concider givimg up smoking for a girl so she must mean a hell of alot to ya!

    so dont forget about us, or we'll hunt you down, if we can we bothered :smoking: lol
  8. Yeah, man. Congratulations. And...

    ^^^- what he said.
  9. congrats. Finding someone you want to be with so much that pot pales in comparison is a great achievment. I may have to give up smoking altogether soon for a girl. It doesn't seem too bad since I kinda already quit, but sneak a toke every once in a while. I wish you the best of luck with your relationship.
  10. Congrats man :) I know how it is to find a girl that means that much to u and its the greatest feeling in the world = ]

  11. lol you know it
  12. Just don't set yourself up for total destruction...

    ...dont mean to be the negative input, but i've seen it happen too many times, with too many people...
  13. hahah good work man!

    hope everything works out with you too.

    maybe shell let you start to smoke in a little bit again, but hey, its not a big loss, if you lose her, weed will always come back, but if you stayed with weed, youd never have the girl at all.

    good luck buddy!

  14. True dat...

    But still go with it of course, what else can you do?
  15. Man you dont have to just quit man just keep your mouth shut. smoke by yourself all by yourself
  16. wow, i know how that feels, i mean girls telling you to quit sweet sweet Mary... i mean... if the girl is good enough.. and mary is fucking the most beautiful women ever... her flower is soooooo pretty.. ok iam getting side tracked.... yeah

    alright man good luck...

  17. Screw that man she means way to much to me to do that i promised her i would quit and im going to i find my self not even thinking about smokeing i got offared to smoke today and for the first tiem ever i passed so this girl has to mean soemthing to me im just scared to see waht will happe nwif we dont work out
  18. Yo it's all good to smoke whenever you want man! Why does she want you to quit so bad? Does she drink or do any drugs herself? Don;t think of it as quitting, or even as a break, it's just the time before the next toke.

  19. She drinks but she does not want me to smoke so i wont but she would not evn know it and i know she would like me better when im high cuz im a friendly non strested out guy than but i think i mite robo trip on dxm sometimes cuz in away thats what got us so close
  20. Were Are you reform Mary jane ( iwould call you your real name but i dont know it im randy by the way) I wrote all the detals down cuz you asked and me to or i would of not i always like reading all your post i guess you are busy else were

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