Got a date with Mrs. Molly

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by killag, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. haha well today I bought 1.3 grams of molly....sold .8 and kept .5 for myself :hello:
    Also some trainwreck I got..



  2. have a nice roll:wave:
  3. Nice pick up, have a fun time rollin.
  4. You are so lucky, have fun
  5. had a few of them last weekend.
    happy rolling :D
  6. Looks like some good man..enjoy the molly. Had my chance to get some but it slipped I envy you right now. Especially seein pics :smoking:
  7. God damn i wish i could score some of that good ass bud.

    Damn dealers aren't replying my texts..
  8. mmm i gotta date with Mrs. Molly as well!
    nice bud & molly tho sir!
    enjoy all that!
  9. bud looks good. how much did you pay for the 1.3?
  10. Nice molly, been looking around to get some. Also wondering about price
  11. Looks good man. Great looking weed too, really good weed.
  12. idk what kinda connects he has or where hes from but in san diego molly is potent and expensive.
    street price $100/g. homie hookup: $60.
  13. haha thanks everyone! takin them tonight with some friends and women! :D But for those askin how was $150 for 1.3. So not too bad about $11 a pop. Ill let ya'll know how it was tomorro!
  14. fuckin sexy
  15. Word how much of it do you rail to feel real nice?
  16. well it depends on how often you use e but a first timer i would recommend one dose. 0.15

    me. i'd sniff 0.3. double dose of molly. then just chill nd see if i want more later haha.

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