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Got a Christian mom that hates pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GT2RS, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Email her this link Marijuana in the Bible « Patients for Medical Cannabis

    I had heard before that pot was mentioned in the Bible but I've never read such a good summery of evidence that Jesus actually used cannabis. If everyone on here has seen it before then sorry, I just thought it was pretty damn interesting. This is the email I sent my mom with it because she's pretty anti-pot.

    Not trying to be a drug advocate. I just thought it was interesting that maybe we should have been baptizing and giving communion with
    cannabis oil if we really wanted to do it like Jesus, not water and
    wine like the Catholic church decided for us to; and that persecution
    for the use of cannabis could actually be considered anti-Christian,
    since Jesus himself used it. Disregard the mushrooms part, never doing

    Yeah I told her I'd never do shrooms even though I maybe kinda would if given the right opportunity. :smoke:
    Also I know my commas and shit are kinda fucked. I'm fuckin stoned lol
  2. The sad reality is that most of the people(those who are anti-drug and don't do the real research for themselves) will read this and still be anti-drugs. I used to be like that. fuck. I freaked the fuck out when my friend said he tried weed before. Now hes like meh with weed and I enjoy it. Before researching I thought doing any drugs would be like doing meth, coke, or heroin. I also recently learned that opium, when used correctly, can be very good. Good article btw.

    Christians would rather believe a man and his family fitted the whole animal kingdom we have today in a single ship than believe that marijuana is not the devils plant. marijuana is just a plant for christs sake (created by god for the christians because their belief is that god created everything living). I also read somewhere that the war against drug is funded by the alcohol companies. thats just embarassingly pathetic.
  3. Did it work with your mom? Also, in case it just infuriates your mom, you might not want to be so obvious as to use your own email account. lol Or leave the page in the history, so the link is purple when she goes to click on it. lol

  4. Haven't talked to her about it yet. It won't infuriate her 'cause it's about Jesus. haha. I mean I highly doubt I can ever get her to try it even though she could do a vape bag and not feel anything in her lungs. That's why she hates it so much because her dad died of lung cancer from cigs when she was 17 so she automatically thinks inhaling anything gives you lung cancer. And yes it is my understanding that the majority of anti-pot ads are sponsored by drug/alcohol companies.
  5. I have a christian mom who loves pot. Does that count for anything?

  6. That counts for making me jealous. I love my mother but I have heard her bitch at me about weed so much. It'd be so much easier if she'd just eat an edible(she won't even do those, says it smells so bad that it would have to taste bad) or take a vape hit and chill with me. Instead she likes to drink wine as a relaxant but sometimes it keeps her up at night and she gets bad hangovers.
  7. holy shit, i live with just my mom and she is a christian who hates pot.
  8. I hope it works out for you brother, but the sad truth is that people who are anti-marijuana, will be anti-marijuana no matter what evidence you present them that it's not a bad thing. No matter how valid the sources are.

    They will dismiss it as propaganda. Pretty much no matter what.

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