Got a check for $15,000 dollars! :D

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  1. So ive been waiting on my disability to go through for almost a year now and it finally did :hello:

    So now on top of money coming in from other places i have 15 G's to blow on whatever i want :D. sorry im just super fckin pumped right now :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    The jester
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    Just don't be a stupid fuck and blow it like an idiot. Is this through workers comp or SSA?


    Invest that shit.

    Go buy this book:

    And then go open up an account with a brokerage and invest like 10k into a stock that pays dividends and has good growth.

    Start watching Cramer on CNBC. You can also download his podcasts off of iTunes for free.

    When you have this much money, do the opposite of what Americans do and you'll be fine.

    (banker right hurr)

    edit #2: Do you have to pay taxes on it?
  3. dude thats sick, thats alot of money lol!! friend got a check for 25,000 cause he hurt his arm in a company truck on the way to work...he spent that shit in like 3months on bullshit and has NOTHING to show for it...i mean not even a nice bong lol...spend it wise.
  4. damn, 25k blown on coke, hookers, whiskey, cigarettes and porn. one hell of a three month vacation.
  5. SSD is what its from, and as for investing it. Trust me my grandma was a banker for 25 years lol im sure she'll be calling soon :rolleyes:. tell me if this sounds wrong tho, take 5 g and play with it and invest the other 10? i thought it would be a good idea.

    The Jester:wave:

  6. Naw. the 5k is a rainy day fund. It should be liquid, i.e. you should have access to it through a debit card, at an ATM, or from the bank. The 10k should be invested.

    How old are you? Do you have any expenses?

  7. No expenses, 50K already in the bank and im 24


    You MUST have expenses. A car (gas, maintenance, insurance)? Rent? Medical insurance? Job? Stuff like that.

    Damn man. Go see a personal banker. Put some of your money into mutual funds. Don't do anything with CDS (certificates of deposit). They're around 1 or 2% at the moment.

    Dividends are your best friend.

    If you can, pool money with family and invest and split the return.

    There is another book by Ric Edelman called "The Truth About Money".

    I'm 21 and started working at a bank when I was 17. I go to an Ivy League school as well. I know my shit, and it would be wise if you get on top of that.

    Also, if it isn't too personal, what is your disability? And the costs associated with it?
  9. I would change my bedroom to a grow room :D
    but i already have my card, so its legal. Also I'd invest a large amount of it. MAKE DAT SHIT GROW!! (lol grow weed and money)
  10. This. dont give me a huge amount of money. ill go nuts and have me a GREAT time. sure i wont have nothing to show for it, but at least ill have the memories
  11. Do this. You'll still have 5,000 to spend on w/e the fuck u want and in 20 years you'll have 100,000 instead of ten.

  12. If you only have 100k in 20 years I will bitch slap you.
  13. im sayin go for it and invest the 10k. then if you already have a car and shit spend like 1.5-2k on shit you could want and keep 3k on a debit card or somethin just for money to have. i think it would be better for you to divide the shit up or somethin.
  14. I'd say invest most of the money, and then keep a small amount for yourself to spend.
  15. All of it on red! Joking. Invest it and buy something small for yourself.
  16. I know you've already gotten a lot of advice here on what to do, but to be quite honest, from the sounds of it, you're already doing better than 99.9% of the other 24-year olds I know.

    Go play with at least a couple grand, that's a fair amount of bud. :D

    The rest of it, you probably already know what to do. Coup said it best, invest in a good mutual fund, or if you can afford the liquidity, tinker with stocks.

    I personally have my retirement account that is a nice blend of mutual funds that I don't mess around with much.

    Then I have some "play" money that I tinker in various stocks with. It's worked out pretty well so far, basically doubling my money in the last 2-3 years. Not a huge gain, as it wasn't much to play with to begin with ($6K). You just don't want to put it all in the volatility that is individual stock investments. This is all but one mans opinion...

    Then again, it ain't exactly 2007 anymore with ANY investment...Boy do we miss it. :(
  17. shit i'd use that as a down payment on a small home (actually in my area I could get a place for 15k because of the fucked up housing market).

    I'd stay living where I am now and grow in the house till I had 150-250k sittin in a shoe box and the house paid off. Then I'd decide on if I really wanted to live there or sell and move on up.
  18. I hate to sound like the typical black person, but I would buy a car for 10k, and use the rest to pay for stuff like insurance and gas
  19. LOL, I'm still trying to figure out how this statement makes you sound like the "typical black person". It sounds like it's coming from a sensible person, that's about it.
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    Please tell me your joking...INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET!? LMFAO:laughing::laughing::laughing:
    If you do that you might as well burn that check right now.

    Okay, this guy is rather stupid. Investing in the stock market when were in a recession about to be a depression. oh my..this guy has no sense of realism.

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