Got a big speeding ticket and dont know what to do

Discussion in 'General' started by crippieboy, May 15, 2010.

  1. So i got a ticket and the cop said i was going 32 miles over so should i hire a lawyer i found out this doesnt go to traffic court this is treated like a dui and goes to "court court" can the courts request a drug :smoking:

    and any one have any advice of what to say in court, the cop already made a court date and i talked to a few cops i know and they said the cop who pulled me over is a scum bag
  2. what was the speed limit you were exceeding?
  3. You should get a lawyer. That kind of ticket can run you up to $600 in fines and 30 days in jail, and at least 4-8 points off your license. If you were going over 100mph, you could also be nailed with reckless driving and whatever else the cop feels like throwing at you. In some states, it's also a criminal MISDEMEANOR.
  4. the cop said i was doin 77 in a 45 but im going with the fact he made an illegal u-turn over the median therefore the calibration of the radar is off
  5. you think because a cop made an illegal turn, he couldn't tell how fast you were going?
  6. Although I can't speak in your case...

    I didn't go to court court, I'm surprised you have to.
    but I was caught going 90 mph in a 65, but the cop was
    cool, I could've easily got a $500 fine I guess but since
    I lived no where near the area, I had to pay like $160
    cause he dropped my 90 mph to an 89 mph and I just
    mailed it in. And that 1 mph saved my ass.

    But 32 over, any speeding ticket is gonna have fines fines fines.
    I would look up your local DMV stuff and they have all
    ticket penalties stuff listed on the web. See what you're
    lookin at.

    Definitely expect 4 or more points off though...
  7. he ramped a big median and if he did that anytime before he pulled me over, im sure he did, it can throw off the calibration of the radar therefore false readings, and the judge makes up the fine i talk to a few cops i know and they said like 350 in fines with traffic school and he also hit me while he was driving the opposite direction on the road
  8. they can tell the speed of oncoming cars, cars coming at them from behind. if he got the speed before he pulled the u-turn, you're fucked. they'll pull his dash cam, he'll testify, and it'll be your word vs. his. good luck with that.

    i'm curious now, why were you going 77 in a 45?
  9. yeah ill prbly get off with a 12 hour traffic school and 35 community service instead of the fine and if the judge is cool no points since this is my first offense and i wasnt doin 77 that why this cop is full of shit i was doing 55-60
  10. this is the kind of advice you pay lawyers for instead of asking stoners over the internet.
  11. i got caught goin 99 in a 65 before, thats 34 mph over. i just paid the ticket and that was the end of it. was VERY expensive though. He marked it down to a 99 too, i was going over 135 when i looked at the speedo. i was 1 mph away from losing my license
  12. 32 mph over could be concidered wreckless driving or wreckless endangerment depending on where you live. get a lawyer man. even if the cop is a scum, you already admitted to going atleast 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit. You're going to get fined one way or another.
  13. ^This.
    Also seconded by my bf, who was in the military and is a sheriff's office volunteer and is an all-things law enforcement geek. :rolleyes:
  14. Stop driving like a jackass and realize where ever you are headed its still gunna be there in 5 minutes.

  15. ^ Best advice yet.
  16. yikes in some states that's considered reckless driving but it all varies from state to state, google it. Definitely consider getting a lawyer specializing in this kind of charge if you can afford it.
  17. Typically 25+ over the speed limit is reckless driving. This is what you should do.

    1. Go to court
    2. Speak with the DA
    3. Tell him/her that you couldn't possible have been going that fast and that you rarely speed

    Odds are they will drop the MPH to something more reasonable and you'll probably just have to pay $200 and a couple points on your license.

    5-9 MPH over is usually 1 point, and every 4-5 is an additional point. 30 over is going to run you 6-8 points but they will probably drop it to 20 over if you show up in court.
  18. In terms of a lawyer, the fact that they didn't arrest you is a good sign. You can surely get a lawyer and it may help, but every speeding ticket I've received I just went by myself and they've lowered it.

    At the very least speak with a lawyer, tell them your situation and what they think you should do. A lot of good lawyers will offer oral support for relatively nothing, just ask.
  19. i got caught doing 88 in a 55...when i was 16...cop let me go as a "early x-mas present"....i was SOOOO lucky, it was like 2 weeks after i had gotten my license, i was on my way home from school driving behind this other kid from my school, passed him and the car in front of him in my truck 10 seconds later i see lights in my mirror.

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