Got a bank, looking for a strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Wonka, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Greets, anyways I'm already going with the attitude, had a successful time with them before.

    Now, I specifically am looking for recommendations for an auto-flowering strain, preferably feminized, but doesn't have to be.

    I have gone with DNA Genetics, and Dinafem before, both were highly successful, so I've come up with DNA's 60 Day Wonder, and Dinafem's Fruit Automatic or their Roadrunner, possibly Sagarmatha's Double Diesel Ryder or their Lowbolt.

    Does anyone know of solidly growing reliable auto's? I do know the risks, with auto's already, reduced achievable amounts, occasional lack in potency, ect. Don't worry I have properly regular seeds that will go through the normal non-auto flowering life cycle.

    The growing medium is soil, in an outdoors environment. I just want to hear what's good out there. Also, To show DNA's quality, look at my latest photo's in my dank thread, DNA def proved there genes with me but I heard 60 day wonder wasn't always reliable, any confirmation?
  2. Any reason why your switching to Auto only? It never takes just 60 days..
  3. Well being a medical patient I need to get a crop to finish soon as possible.

    However I'm not just doing auto's. I'm also doing DNA Genetics ReCon and Chocolope, along with either Delta 9 Labs Cannasutra or TGA subcool Timewreck, none of them are auto's.

    I just want both auto's so I can harvest by midsummer at the latest and harvest the non-autos around sept. and oct.

    Also I'm doing both indoors and outdoors to boot.
  4. I like the purple jems I got...not very high yielding though. I've seen great grows of the auto AK and MI-5.
  5. I considered purple jems actually. Although I love purple strains for the flavor, they don't often have the potency I need, that and the attitude is sold out of them.

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