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Got a $100 smoking citation

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Randy Marsh, Apr 23, 2010.

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    So I was smoking with my boys last night and out of no where an undercover just walks up shines a diesel maglite in our faces before we even know what happen. He issued us our citations and we went on our way. But anyway I got a chance to appeal it and was wondering how do I even have a case and whats the chance it works? Also, I heard if you don't pay the citation they don't do anything because it costs them more to appeal it or something. If anyone, preferably a Masshole with experience, has a suggestion or two I would appreciate it.

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  2. You didnt mention if he confiscated your weed. Were you already finished toking or did he find any on you to confiscate? If he did not confiscate your weed you can argue that you were smoking something else.. anything BUT weed.. K2 incense maybe?
  3. All they found was a pipe with marijuana residue in it. No weed and yes they took the pipe. I guess I could say we were smoking something else but I have a feeling that will not work. Its a better argument than nothing i guess.
  4. Well if it had residue and you claimed you were smoking something else....that would just be idiotic.
  5. 1.) You got popped, man up and pay the fine. Next time find a better place to smoke.

    2.) If you don't pay the fine, they will likely just issue a warrant for your arrest. Next time you get stopped by a cop for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, they will run your ID and you'll be arrested.

    Jut pay the fine and avoid any more headaches.
  6. Thanks boys, sounds like paying the thing is what i should do. I would have never smoked in such a sketchy spot but i was hammered and getting smoked up. Also we were in a fairly decent spot and it was like 3 in the morning and we would have been fine but some rat wanted to feel important and ratted us out. o well u live u learn
  7. I wish all u got in my state are smoking citations....
  8. Amen, you got lucky since weed is decriminalized in Mass, most other places you woulda been thrown in jail.:(
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    No, it would NOT be idiotic... and I'll tell you why...

    It depends on the state you live in. Here in California there are NO laws against marijuana paraphernalia, so a pipe with MJ residue would be completely legal. You can use that same pipe to smoke K2 incense in a public place if you wanted. If that pipe was confiscated and they tested the pipe for THC you STILL can argue that you were smoking something else when the officer spotted you. Just because marijuana was smoked from the pipe at some point in the past does not mean he was smoking it at the time the police busted them if they found no marijuana. So depending on your state laws there is a chance to win this case.

    Its worth a shot to fight it. If you just give up and pay, you're handing over your hard earned cash to the city and they might even make you go to drug classes and shit. Think about it.. I would fight it.
  10. Thats a travesty and I hope the rest of the country wakes up and realizes what they are doing. Most people try pot at sometime in their life and if you are one of the unlucky ones to get caught it does not make you a criminal. The simple act of smoking pot does not deserve to be chargable as a criminal offense. It is a gross exageration that needs to be dealt with.
  11. Your best bet is to pay the fine and let life go on. They will try to arrest you if you don't.
  12. yea i would pay the fine too

    one of my friends was gunna try to fight it, but if u end up gettin a lawyer or anything ull pay way more than 100
  13. True, if I fight it I will fight it myself cuz i can't afford Johnny Cochran or whoever so most likely i will pay the fine and be apart of the few that actually pay it. The politicians often cite lack of payment as a problem with the going lenient on marijuana trend going on. Lets see what happens, I feel Mass going medicinal within the next year like Cali and hopefully legalization is in our lifetime but who knows right? Thanks for all the input blades

  14. Yeah, outside of states like Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, etc, the punishment is unreasonable. I've had friends get busted in places like Portland, Columbus, and else, and they got the equivalent of a parking ticket. Then I knew a guy who got caught in Baton Rouge, and he felt it.

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