got a $100 amazon card...what to buy

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by STilladelph, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I got a $100 gift card to amazon for the holidays, looking for some ideas on grow equipment to buy. I already have an hps light and GH nutes and pH meter etc.

    My top choices are

    *Grow Tent
    *Smart pots
  2. Can't really buy too big of a tent for 100 bucks. I'd get smart pots and other various small items that'll help you throughout the grow.

    Stuff like:
    Oscillating fan
    pH up & down
    grow books
    plant ties
  3. Buy a microscope so you can see when your trichs are cloudy or amber..plugs into your usb myself one last x-mas $60 on amazon
  4. [quote name='"BYOweed"']

    Do you have fans, ducting, etc for the tent already?[/quote]

    No that's the only thing that's holding me back...cuz a $100 tent will be an extra probably $200-300 on cooling etc
  5. You could, you'll just have to set it aside until you get the rest of the equiptment.

    Another thing for the list, Bubble Bags, for water hash making
  6. Oooh good call
  7. Gotta love amazon, got all this for $100.

    *Slick pad for hash oils
    *pollen press for kief
    *18mm oil dome with glass nail
    *torch for the nail
    *trimming shears
    *100x jewelry loupe
    *3x 5gal smart pots
  8. Grow books

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