got 4 wisdom teeth out today can i vape?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 979069, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. went very smooth, pain is not bad. took 2 tylenons and 90% pain free. my question is if i dont smoke marijuana i cant sleep, been smoking for 5 years. the doctor said no smoking for 48 hours but can i slowly use my vape tonight?
  2. If a doctor said don't smoke then don't do it for 48 hours dude it won't kill u man lol

    U should have made some edibles ready for when you was done at the dentists
  3. well combustion is what they meant, vaping slow will still be bad?
  4. I wouldn't... you don't wanna get dry socket or whatever it is
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  5. even with vaping? what if i vape slowly. i need thc lol
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  6. Idk dude I've never had a tooth out I think you get dry socket if u do smoke.. that's just from what I've read online before though :confused_2:
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  7. Lol....well it sounds like you are going to do it either good luck....I personally just don't think I'd risk it
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  8. Make some edibles if you can dude it takes an hour maybe less depending on what u make
  9. The sucking(suction) from smoking is what gives you drysocket
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  10. You're right, its suction and debris... that's why you don't use a straw either because it can bust the clot under the stitches and cause dry socket.

    I smoked a cig after i got mine out, but I made sure to be careful not to draw hard. Times like this would be perfect for a vaporizer that fills bags, no resistance when inhaling. If you can vape and not draw hard you might be alright... but if you go for a bong rip its going to bust the clot.
  11. i just tried 2 bowls of vape 0.15 each, drawing very slow ofcourse and it seems fine. now the high is helping the tooth pain :)
  12. when i got them taken out i just put wet cotton over the area when i smoked. didn't get dry socket.
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  13. basically u mean ur wisdoom teeth holes should be covered right?
  14. yea.
  15. lol yea that would solve it
  16. hey guys everything is still good , im on day 3 . what i did instead of vaping is made a loose joint so all i have to do is inhale for like 1 sec and i get decent amount of smoke each puff. worked perfectly
  17. Next time eat edibles
  18. Dry socket fuckin' sucks.:coolalt:
  19. So I've heard!!
  20. What kinda vape? I had an ariser solo and just plugged one nostril and vaped thru my nose after I got mine out


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