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Got 4 grams of this good smoke for $20

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by OutlawToker227, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. My dealer gave me 4 grams of this for $20. He said it was some blue dream.

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  2. You mean you got a gram and said you got 4, that's one g right there and usually you show your whole pickup. Looks good tho
  3. No i got 4 grams i just took out a nug and busted it cause i was gonna put it in a blunt
  4. Nice dude I wish I could get blue dream for 5 a g.
  5. that definitely not looking like 4 grams.. maybe 1. where im from its a gram for 20 so thats prob how much is there
  6. Yeah my dealer said he was hookin me up for buying from him for awhile but he looked stoned as shit haha and he weighed out 4 gs and was like here u go haha
  7. Lol " NA Bro you only got 1 g I was there"
  8. dam u lucky as fuck brah
  9. This just made me laugh so hard..lml
  10. i read this, laughed so fucking hard, my girl looked at me like i was crazy, then i read your comment. i knew i was sane. hahah.
  11. I'm still laughing (i read it again). My younger brother must think I've gone bat shit..& im sober as fuck so this is really just
  12. Does the title say "1 gram pictured here" who cares if he didnt take a picture of his whole stash, you can get more qulaity pictures by taking a upclose picture of a smaller amount.

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