Got $300 stolen from me...

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  1. So I was going to buy an O from this guy today and i picked him up and we drove to the guys house he was getting it from. He said the guy had dogs so I shouldn't go in. I give him the money and he goes around the corner and is gone. Wait about an hour but I never see the guy again. Call all his friends and no one knows where he is. The guy was a big black guy so I can't really do anything. One of my black friends is trying to find him and get the money back but until then I'm down 300 bucks. What the fuck do I do now? This shits never happened to me before
  2. you just gotta be more careful man. don't give $300 to someone you can't trust
  3. so u just handed 300 dollars to black dude and he said to wait for him while he goes and gets the weed? good job lol. never pull the cash out till u see the herb with ur own eyes...
  4. There's a sucka born every minute...
  5. Why do people think all black people are tough? Some 2 black guys try to rob me and my homies iphone saying he had a gun but luckily i had a fork in my pocket and my homie had a pocket knife on him. We punked them, got our shit back and luckily nobody got hurt. Funny thing was they were 2x bigger than us
  6. ahhh...

    y am i not surprise to see another thread about gettin jacked?

    u barely know the dude.. yet u hand him $300..

    goodluck bruh.
  7. well, you learned a valuable lesson today.
    unfortunately the value was $300 :D
  8. What you do is, don't do that again.

  9. Props for having a fork in your pocket.

  10. lol what were you doing with a fork?
  11. Coulda' ganked em!
  12. Lol, ima just gonna make a thread for everyone to hear it, its kinda funny
  13. Ya just cause im black i can recieve no damage from any other race. Lol damn dude that sucks
  14. 1.Go back to his house
    2.Bring a 2 crowbars and
    3.Bring your black friend
    4. ???
    5. profit!!

    Seriously though, that would be nice... :smoke:
  15. Lmaoo reading this thread just made my day
  16. I had the same thing happen.... When I was 16..... And it was 40 bucks.....

    Live and learn dude, don't ever hand that much money to someone you don't know personally. That's a trick street hustlers have been pullin for years.
  17. after paying $300, has the lesson learned now?
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    Shoulda turned it around on them and ran their pockets

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