got 2 seedlings...

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  1. How long does it take for the other one to open up.. its still bulb'y...

    Do I have to just wait? or is there a possible problem????


    they are about 1 week old
    in rockwool.
    No nutes..
    Been in the dome for about 2.5 days so far
  2. looks dead.. your dome should have standing water in it... but not enough to touch the rockwool.. this creates humidity, this is why they call it a humidity dome

    try adding some water to the tray... give it a few more days...
  3. Ok nobody told me how it all works.. I just put water in the rockwool...
    Added some water to the grooves of the tray.. lets see what happens..
    Im germinating more seeds just in case...

    First grow so bare with me :)
  4. Should I squese any excess water out of the rockwwool?
  5. also how hot can it be in the dome? mabye I should back the light off some more..
    Not too sure
  6. 1 23 watt cfl is all you need
  7. Thanks Tihspeed...
  8. Ok been a few days the on on the right was the wierd one.. Its still slow moving but I think it is growing..
    i added water to the tray .. I also started using liquid karma and it seems to work quite well..

    The damn rockwool kinda sunk in, on the top of that problem one too. im not sure if that could be the problem the roots my be getting light.. if so what should I do?

  9. that sinking is fine... just keep picking up the rockwool once or twice a day to check the bottom for roots... be patient.. it looks like you have two usable plants there

    next time no little sticks though... don't know how thats gonna effect the plant at all, i wouldn't use them... the plant will be strong enough to support those little leafs

    and push the rockwool a little closer together... and get that light as close to the dome as you can
  10. I bet he already has roots out the bottom. I started mine in a 1x1 rockwool and the roots were showing on the bottom before it even sprouted up top.
  11. I see 2 roots o the biggest one... and on the newest one.. that other one I think isn't gonna make ir...
    The guy at the hydro store said to wait another few days... is this right? Or shouldi begin veg tomorow?

    Thanks guys
  12. Took out the sticks right now....
    Being a noob I thought it might need them for support..
    The sickly one needs it for sure lmao
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    Ohh also, before I forget..... If I wanted to could I transplant this to hydroton? Or if I decide to still use the rockwool cubes. what is the method for transplant? I heard I just put the little on on top of the big one... is that right?
  14. You can put it in hydroton, just stick the rockwool right in the net pot and fill around it. Make sure you have it sitting high enough up so you can fill in enough hydroton to make sure no light gets in the res.

    You can start using nutrients when you transfer it to your bubble bucket or where ever you plan. Start with 25% of what the recipe suggests.
  15. bury the rockwool.. have the leaves just above the net pot(or the lid).... your going to bury the stem as well.. when you do this don't crush the stem...

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