got 2 issues still

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  1. heres my setup

    tent 8x4x7
    10000 BTU portable a/c @75degrees
    1000w lamp
    400w lamp
    2 160cfm can fans pulling from filter

    and have the following problems:

    temps still @ 84-86, what to do??

    also there is alot of pressure in the tent. maybe to much air being sucked out and not enough coming in? or is this ok?

  2. Are those temps at the canopy or ambient? and as for the pressure, as long as you have fresh coming in and old air going out it should be fine.

  3. dont know what the difference is between canopy and ambient, could you elaborate?

    I have about 2 or 3 thermometers i placed on floor and temps range from 84-86. doesnt matter if I turn off a lamp or have both on

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    Canopy is at the top of your plant height where as ambient is the room temp. You also have floor temp which is where the stem meets the pot and root temp which is the actual temperature of your dirt. Sounds like a lot but with careful positioning you can keep a close eye on all of these.
  5. still need ideas on getting temp down, anyone?
  6. How are you venting the ac ?

  7. I have 2 160cfm can fans pushing out air through 4' ducting from the filter.
  8. Is it pushing/venting air outside or just into the room that the tent is sitting in?

  9. Into the room the tent is in.

  10. Ok maybe didn't say this correctly. I have the 2 can fans venting into the room the tent is in and the a/c unit is venting out the window through a third can fan attached to filter.

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