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  1. So I never ever ever post shit, but I just smoked a blunt of some ak to my self, and I simply cannot refrain from gettin this shit out some how. I have no friends. I'm still in highschool for a little longer, and I have nothing to my name at all: no girl, no homies anymore, I don't think any human beings besides my ma even talks about me really. Up until a few months ago I had a good friend group, about 6 homies that I blazed it up with every day and had a good time with. My life was great. But slowly they all ended up moving. Now I have a single alright friend who is also my dealer. He's chill and we've been toking for years, before he even started slangin bud, and I'll spark up a j with him sometimes. but other than that I dont have any other friends simply for the fact that nobody lives around me and I don't have any mode of transportation other than my shitty ass bike I use to get to work. my fear isn't making friends, I'm outgoing and shit, and I'm beyond good physical shape, but I feel like a waste of life still because I don't have a single friend to hit up and chill with, and quite frankly, I'm fine with that. I stay in my house 90% of my day and just blaze and workout in my garage. I guess in all this pointless high-rambling sermon I'm just asking if this type of behavior is "acceptable". Is it acceptable to not have a social life and just get higher and higher if your genuinely happy with it and have a job? It's not like i'm not accomplishing anything, because I have a well paying job and I am currently happy as fuck even though I'm posting a thread about how pathetic my social life is right now. I just feel like some other peoples veiwpoint on this shit would help my own view. Thanks for readin this shit too, hahaha :smoke:
  2. i know how you feel dude, i used to chill with heaps of my friends but i got distanced from them, and started making new smoking friends, who were awesome (and dealers so i cud chill with a mate and get my weed/smoke it at the same time). Shit slowly has just slowly deteriating. I chill with my main mate all the time smoking otherwise im at home or gym, never really talk to anyone besides family and a few people, now my great mate is quitting the herb and i just dont think he will see me anymore, i asked him to chill today instead of goin ye ill pick you up(like normal "yo wanna go smoke" ye sure man)he just seemed to make excuses like where, why uhh nah bro and its weird, this happened with my brother but we obviosuly still chhill because he goes to gym and martial arts with me (used to smoke brought us close, quit, distanced a bit) now me and mate are going thru the same thing but hes legitemately my best friend and i dont want to lose him
  3. Don't sweat it if it doesn't bother you. Some time by yourself (no matter how long it may be) is often good for the soul. It helps you become comfortable with yourself, helps you prioritize your future, and just allows you to reflect on things you might not have been able to due to distractions. So long as you're happy with your situation, everything is good. If you weren't happy with your situation, it would be a whole different thread. People would be recommending you find some new people to chill with, but it seems like you have everything in order. When you're ready to get out there and chill again, I'm sure you will.
  4. Currently im in the same boat, just moved to a new city no friends, not even a dealer, but im enjoying the solitude somewhat and the change in lifestyle from going to a workaholic boozehound pot head, to a disciplined healthy mother fucker who rubs every day, i think it was a good move health wise, still i miss my homies from back home and bud but when i do sort the contacts out i think ive had a decent tolerance break so high hopes ill be chronicall y blazed, so to sum it up i think if your happy doing what your doing keep doing it if your unhappy be proactive, change is important, other people come and go and i dont feel its necesary to rely on others for your fulfilment, just my views.
  5. Im just glad im not the only one with this problem

    sadly i don't really care though and prefer not to be bothered....
  6. word.. I'm 23 now and I just goto work and come home.. never go out a bit never time and when I do have time I don't have any friends to do shit with anyway.. or ones that are available or live around here anymore atleast.

    I never had many friends in school and now that I'm getting older I definitely have fewer and fewer

  7. I feel you, I work then just stay home and vape.
  8. me 2. I'm like hey i wanna go to the this concert gotta hit up one of those friends i don't have anymore.... I'm always like hey where did my friends go, o wait i don't have any friends thats right......
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    oo you want me to bring a friend for your hot twin sister..... ughhhh i don't have anyyyy..

    i think people find it weird if you go somewhere without friends.. its like if you don't have friends surrounding you in the first place its hard to make new ones. idk

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