Got £150 to spend - this RooR a good choice?

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  2. RooR have some great products. I would def buy that if you don't mind the large pricetag. If you don't already have a grinder, be sure to throw in a space case grinder into your shopping cart.
  3. Thanks again man.
  4. No problem at all. :)
  5. save £15 and get this instead - it comes with a grinder as well!

    same thickness and ice pinches - it has an 18.8 joint over the 14.5 the little brother has - it's a longer tube and slightly bigger flask too and it's cheaper

    dont be put off by the name - you are getting more bang for less buck ;)

    Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 – Big Sista - Online Shop

  6. yeah I've got a roor myself, and if I had to choose out I'd go with this one.......Peace out.......Sid
  7. This one doesn't come with a diffuser like the Little Brother though...
  8. You could buy a seperate diffuser for it, or an ashcatcher, or both..........but seperate parts for roors are sooooooo overpriced.
  9. How much difference do diffusers make to a hit? I've never had the privilege of smoking with one.
  10. do you really want more drag anyway?

    don't get puffed in by stuff you dont need

    if you want percs and diffusers then you should look at the weedstar messiah for £100
  11. I have a Weed Star bong currently actually, non perc though, and was seriously considering the Messiah a while back. They get such bad press on here though that I always thought I was missing out with not having something like a RooR.
  12. the honest answer is that they dont make any difference at all apart from the drag on the tube

    diffusers and ashcatchers do not magically make bongs smooth hitting like your puffing on an angels fart or something

    but I agree with Sid - if you want a diffuser then you would be better off buying an ashcatcher as it will keep your tube cleaner and let's face it they look waaaaay cooler than a diffused downstem!
  13. I have the messiah - there is nothing wrong with it at all - the only reason people hate them on here is because supposedly the designs are copied from american glass blowers and the quality control isn't as good

    load of old horseshit in my opinion mate

    and I hate to burst your bubble but you wont get a Roor and suddenly go "oh my god, i've been missing out on the most amazing smoking experience" - you'll be more like "oh, i'm disappointed - this is pretty much like smoking out of my old bong"

    one glass tube with smoke in it is pretty much like any glass tube with smoke in it

    that's the truth of it but if you want a nicer bong then I understand completely
  14. You've officially made me see sense man. I shall order a Messiah as soon as they're back in stock.

    Thanks a lot for the advice.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Are the percs a pain in the ass to clean?
  15. The messiah is piss easy to keep clean - I use OXY10 - pour a scoop of OXY10 into the flask, cork the downstem opening and fill the tube up with hot water

    shake about for a minute and then leave overnight

    rinse your sparkling clean bong with clean water

    if you dont clean in between uses then you'll get some build up in the percs eventually - IsoPropyl (£5 for 1/2 litre) from any chemist will eat through that shit easily
  16. Cheers. +rep
  17. +rep

    Good advice!
  18. if it's glass and not plastic, I use Methylated spirits and rock salt.......shake it......the wash out with hot soapy water.......makes it crystal clear.........Peace out........Sid

  19. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Do not do that. That roor is about a million times better. Also, adding a good diffuser does DRAMATICALLY change the tube. A german 21 hole diffuser on that roor will be one of the best tubes you can hit. Please do no crap out and get a messiah because someone used the tired old line of all bongs are the same. Most likely, if you buy a WS, you will barely tap it when cleanin at it will brake. Or something else that will psis you off.
    I will almost guarantee that if someone says a diffuser does not matter, it is because they have never hit one or only crappy import diffusers.
    In the glass game, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!!!!
  20. dude stfu - I have a roor diffuser and it's no fucking different from the diffuser that came with the messiah

    none whatsover - it's a glass tube with the same amount and same sized holes in the base of it

    and the messiah will NOT break when you clean it unlike the countless Roor threads about broken percs on here

    so yeah, like I said stfu

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