gossiping with ashley!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jeremyisastoner, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. baby girl what have you been doing!!!! why werent you at chris house this afternoon??? i told you that i would pick you up girl!!!!! where were you!!!!! we smoked all of our ounce with out you!!!!! did you know karen is pregnant?!??!?!!?!!!!!!! holy shit!!! i shit my pants when i found that shit out girl dont ever get pregnent!!!!!!! and andy is cheating on beth with some whore he just met!!!!!! man, we have some fucked up friends ash!!!! including chris he is a little bitch sometimes and he knows i am going to beat his ass until hes in the hospital!!!!!
  2. hurry, post that drunk pic before she gets here!!!
  3. damn chris why dont you just date her already!!!!! damn dog you are almost obsessedd, duh man she was at micah\'s getting high and she ditched us!!! im mad at you ashy baby!!! dont talk to m ever again!!! just messing around baby!!!!! jeremy dont talk shit because you know i would fuck your ass up if we ever seriously fought!!!! jeremy arent you susppended tomorow , if you are man i will not go to schhol and we can chill and shroom or something man, fuck going to scchool, ashy come joinn us!!!1
  4. Yeah guys, we know you have pics.... now post them quick...
  5. hey man, if you want to see pictures of jeremys future wife then ask him about it. i dont have any pictures on this computer but he has 5 pages of pictures of her. that she doesnt even know about. whoops did i say that???? can you say \"STALKER!!!!\"

  6. hey man i do not have pics of her on my computer!!!! there on my wall dumbass!!!
  7. heyy my 2 bestest smoking buddies ever! how r u two!! well cutie pies sry i couldnt cum over earlier i just came back from micahs and no i didnt ditch you, i needed to make her feel better cus shes sad she needed someone to talk to and then we smoked a lil bit. lol! u have pics of me on ur wall??? uh... thats so... stalkerish of u babe! lol j/k thats cute! i have pics of both of u on my binder!! lol!!1 luv u both so fucking much!!! see u tommorow at skool!!

  8. see you both at schoooool!!!!
  9. mmmmMMm...is it just me..or do all 3 of you type Identical...?

    *!!!!* ????*


    read the Fuck Off Thread..
  10. lol! got i love grass city!! too bad its not like real life, where we all like get together and just talk about this stuff!! and smoke n shit...
  11. phone, aim anything?

  12. were both citygoers, were like brothers!!!!! common!

  13. plus you get to check out the fine muscle structure of another city goers posterior.....

    and would it be smoking whilest shitting?

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