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  1. The legal system has done what it set out to do. I have been arrested twice within the past year for possession of marijuana. Both times i was driving through my neighborhood and pulled over by the same cop (Fuck you Burris). The 2nd time i was helping a friend get gas for his car so he could make it home, and had weed in my possession that was apparently so stanky he could smell it before he walked up to my window.

    I had a meeting with my lawyer today, and he told me if i were to be arrested a 3rd time for marijuana, i could do some jail time. I HATE JAIL. I can barely handling staying in there overnight 2 times, i ain't goin back, and i definetly ain't stayin. Until this PLANT is legal, im gonna have to leave it behind. Literally feels like im breaking up with Mary Jane.

    Fuck the police, fuck the Judicial system, and fuck judges. Who the fuck grows up and wants to judge whether someone is punished? They are all all on a power trip. Fuck em

  2. Damn dude. The stoner part of my heart goes out to you guy.
  3. hmm...uh...BURN IT DOWN
  4. are you on probation?
  5. Can't do the time don't do the crime

  6. Yes

    Thats kind of what im saying....
  7. Oh I thought u were just bitching about the police
  8. Dam that sucks man but things would've been a lot easier if you just waited until ur at home to smoke where you can't get arrested.
  9. do the smart thing keep your weed at home .......
  10. If it's any consolation I'll try to take your story and learn from it too before it happens to me.

  11. so you think weed should be illegal? You think cops are just doing their job? Yeah man you're right.

    What i had may have been illegal, but the 2nd time i got arrested, he knew he had me before i pulled over. The cop knows who i am. The weed did not smell that strong, he just knew he could claim probable cause and he would definetly fidn it. Straight up asshole, kinda like you.
  12. sucks man hope the time goes by quickly
  13. dang nabbit

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