gorosin fail! Any rosin press company recomendations??

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  1. I've been searching for a reputable company to get a press from. So far my luck has been bad. If you are looking for a rosin press do yourself a favor and skip these guys.

    Gorosin.com company review and experience:

    I ordered a Gorosin press despite the lack of company reviews available and I am now in a credit card dispute with them. Gorosin failed to ship my product weeks after order. I only was able to get an answer once on the shop phone at which point the person on the line promised me my order would be shipped that week. The order never shipped and no one ever answered the shop phone or email again. I had to obtain an alternate number for the company and when I reached someone named Tiffany, she agreed the inability to contact the shop was “ridiculous” and it was poor customer support and business practice to be so unavailable to her clients. She promptly promised my order would be refunded that day and that she would contact me through email or phone when this process was complete. I never received any phone calls or emails. My order was never canceled. Tiffany no longer answers the phone either. I have continued to attempt to contact the shop phone and email but have never heard back. I now have had to contact my bank and initiate a disputed charge case against gorosin.com

    Don’t make the same mistake I did! Avoid gorosin at all costs! Please give recommendations on better companies!
  2. Buy a proper arbor press and buy some quality heat plates for it. Will have a comercial quality rosin press gor under $800

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  3. Thanks guys Fumbles I think you have the right idea. I'm looking into some of the parts right now and I don't think it's too spendy or complicated to just DIY.
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